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Guillaume Coutu Dumont May Playlist


Forever with his thumb cocked looking for the next creative thrill ride as the sun goes down, Guillaume Coutu-Dumont’s music lends itself to the indigo hue of dusk, imbued with the sultry allure of jazz, the unquestioned groove of house, and the propulsion of techno. As a solo producer, Guillaume was already causing atmospheric disturbances ahead of his debut album “Face À L’Est”, which appeared on Musique Risquee in 2007. Before the inception of his one-man band, Guillaume was moving and shaking with other protagonists via the Egg project with Julien Roy, Chic Miniature with Ernesto Ferreyra and Luci with David Fafard. All these projects share their history with the lauded Mutek festival, which Guillaume has been closely involved with since 2002. Hennessy artistry is proud to have the Montrealer play at Tao Terraces this Friday and musician shared with us a playlist that’s as hard to pin down as his music.

Rio Mocoto – Nao Adianta

I heard this song at my friend’s place in Italy. The opening is just epic. And what comes in after is so unexpected…I wish I was able to create such intense contrasts.

Shabbaz Palaces – Black Up (THE ENTIRE FREAKIN’ ALBUM)

I’ve been hooked on this album for more than a year now. It’s just ground-breaking in my world. There’s a perfect balance between abstraction and hip-hop. I 100% love it.

Charles Bradley – Victim of Love

The album is so great; the last track, through the storm is just heart breaking. Listen to it all here in freakin’ Gema-free zones.

Francis Bebey – Pigmy Love Song

Such a weird combination of mood, sounds and influences, this tune is an anomaly in every aspect. I always love odd balls.

Edward – Following You

On the dark side of jazz, and with great atmosphere, it’s always a hit for me.

Andrew Ashong & Theo Parrish – Flowers

Just the perfect summer tune, it makes me crave the sunshine.

Jimmy Driftwood – He had a long chain on

Mountain music, as my good friend would say: I love themes like this. They are very, very soulful.

Akufen – The Unexpected guest

That track is always going to feel like home for me. It brings back a truck load of memories.

The Menahan Street Band – The Crossing

I waited so long for this second album of theirs. It’s such a great formation, like every single release on Daptone Records. Those guys are unstoppable.

Arthur Russell / Loose joints – Is it all over my face?

I love this song with every fiber in my body. There’s nothing else to say, really.