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Janaka Selekta May Playlist

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Janaka Selekta is one of half live electronic music outfit Gods Robots, a cross-continental producer-performer duo (the other half comprises Shridevi Kesavan from Mumbai). Gods Robots have also performed at Hennessy artistry events in the country. The DJ-producer first cut his teeth in the music industry as co-founder of San Francisco’s popular, but now defunct Dhamaal Sound System. Janaka’s upbringing is almost as diverse as his music. Born in Sri Lanka, raised in the United Kingdom and Kuwait, he now resides in the Bay Area. In between shooting music videos for his live act, performing and writing music, Janaka took the time out to give Hennessy artistry ten tunes that you can check out ahead of his gig in Chennai on Saturday May 25th.


Goyte – Somebody I used to know (Yellow Claw Remix)
I was not a fan of the original song, in fact when it came out I felt like I was the only person who did not like it. Then I heard this! The Amsterdam trap producer’s rework is brilliant.
Junior Murvin – Police and Thieves
An undisputed classic – this youtube video is complete with the strangely-timed-yet-perfect dance moves of Junior Murvin. JC Stokes (of my previous reggae band Might Dub Killers) and I used to listen to this song and perfect these dance moves; I believe JC might have even busted a few out at a show.
Talvin Singh – Jaan (Janaka Selekta ft ShriiK dubstep remix)
This is one Shri and I (Gods Robots- reworked using the lyrics from the classic song by Talvin Singh. In essence this was a tribute to the album that launched much of the ‘world fusion’ electronic; Anokha, Sounds of the Asian Underground.
Gods Robots – Stay
This is the first song of our album set to launch in the first week of June and it’s currently playing on MTV, VH1 India and features on MTVIggy and more. The album itself is a reflection of the three-year journey that we took to sign with a major record label and get our music heard by a wider audience.
Baauer – Yoaw
Harlem Shake blew up for Baauer but I liked this tune way more. The vocal edits are very cool as well as the high xylophone-type sounds.
Enei – The Moment feat DRS
I love this, sort of, old skool/new skool minimal drum and bass sound; Neurofunk. This one features in my DJ sets, where I layer other songs on top to create more dynamics using my trusty Serato vinyl.
Dr. Fish – Monotron
I have been getting more into psy-breaks recently. This one is also in one of my sets. The sound sculpting is great with the underlying heavy breakbeat.
Congo Natty – Revolution
This is just a clip, the album is going to come out soon, apparently. This is one of heaviest riddims I have heard lately. I keep looping this but at only a minute or less. I can’t wait for the whole song to come out. I have been a massive Congo Natty fan since the late ‘90s. Check his catalogue out. It’s amazing music connecting real dub production to jungle.
Janaka Selekta ft Mandeep Sethi – Mobilize

This tune is one of the most interesting collaborations of 2012 for me. Mandeep made this video in LA a week after we made this song in about four hours: studio magic and musical connection. Watch out for more songs like this in 2013.

[/text_post]Massive Attack and Mad Professor (Radiation Ruling the Nation[/text_post]

The use of effects by Mad Professor to create watery textures is incredible. It sounds like a live dub mix with little flaws that make the song even more interesting. Lush.