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Release Calendar 2013

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Hennessy artistry’s taken a break this month, but here’s how you can countdown to our next instalment – load up tracks by these stellar Indian artists on to a listening device of your choice, and dance or hum along.

Audio Pervert – Dark Robot

Indian electronic music has few figures more divisive than Samrat B aka Audio Pervert. In a scene full of pandering backslappers, the Delhi-based artist takes few prisoners and has a reputation for telling it like it is, which also extends to his music. His latest offering is a 14-track album titled Dark Robot, with no less than 14 artists featured on the album (singers, synth geeks, guitarists, defunct classical composers and friendly rogues). “The various featured musicians and singers on Dark Robot are friends that I have known and wanted to work
with,” Samrat told Hennessy artistry. The producer also said that the album is, kind of, a departure from the Audio Pervert sound. “It’s an expansion of my audio fantasies and desires,” he said. “It’s an capacious audio adventure. I am not some producer sitting in a plush studio writing cool tunes.” Keep an eye out on


Ash Roy & Calm Chor

One of the standout DJs of the past six months, Ash Roy has really challenged himself to get better at his craft and that possibly explains why all of his sets, whether in a nightclub or at a festival linger in the memory. It’s a pleasure then to see him launch his own label, the pat-on-the-back-ishly titled Soupherb records, in partnership with Ashvin Mani Sharma aka Calm Chor. The label’s release calendar for the year has already been announced this month. Watch out for Roy’s Recovery Mode, which he’s said “has a strong industrial techno base”, after which Calm Chor will release It’s Always Techno.


The Lightyears Explode – Revenge of Kalicharan

Indian kitsch has in the past two years been under the microscope from all manner of design firms who’ve appropriated everything from Sabu to the Contessas on coasters, coffee mugs and underwear even. Musicians and DJs on the other hand have been loathe to jump on to this bandwagon and thankfully so. Bombay’s artists have a limited but rich history of marrying kitsch into the music – the most famous and successful proponents being Bhavishyavani Future Soundz, whose legendary flyers are works of art in themselves and Bandish Projekt, who never shied away from chopping up Doordarshan ads to use in drum & bass tunes. Add to this list, the Lightyears Explode, a three-piece “fake punk” trio from the city. Their latest album, The Revenge of Kalicharan, has obvious references not just to ‘70s Subhash Ghai film that launched the career of Shatrughan Sinha but also has track titles like I Am a Disco Dancer, Garam Dharam, Diet Coke and of course, The Revenge of Kalicharan. Their homage to Bollywood has influences from the White Stripes, Iggy Pop, The Ramones and closer home, Ganapati visarjans as well.


Nischay Parekh – Ocean

Kolkata-based songwriter, guitar & bass player Nischay Parekh has seemingly mastered the complex task of writing pop hooks that stick in your head like chewing at a ridiculously tender age. Parekh is also front man of the rock band Monkey In Me, and the 2o-year-old somehow also finds the time to spend in Boston where he is studying at the Berklee College of Music. His debut album called Ocean, out later this year, is one of the most anticipated, as he works with eminent producer Miti Adhikari. Parekh has already played an opening set for Norah Jones and is tipped to be one of the hottest indie stars in the coming years.


Dualist Inquiry – Doppelganger

Traversing the often-uncharted territory of a rock-pop-DJ star in India, Dualist Inquiry aka Sahej Bakshi is undoubtedly one of the biggest success stories in the electronic music space in recent years and newer artists would do well to study his amazing upward trajectory. His latest offering is a double whammy of a label (Dualism Records) and an album titled Doppelganger. Bakshi told the press that the label is something “he wanted to do for a long time. It feels like a natural step forward, allowing me to exercise complete creative and executive control over my music and how it reaches you. I want to clarify that I won’t be running this like a traditional record label – all the music on the label will always be available for free download. For the time being, its just going to be my music, but eventually, I hope it serves as a hub for all the other weird, indie electronica coming out of India that doesn’t fit neatly into one genre.” What more can you ask from the guy? Oh, wait, good music, you say? Check out the album and judge for yourself then.