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Hennessy artistry @ Q Bar, Chennai in a Nutshell


Hennessy artistry returned with a bang to the season with another top billing of five diverse artists reflecting a range of styles and genres contributing to one of the best weekend gigs in Chennai. Q Bar, with its spectacular location on the rooftop of the Hilton, offered a bird’s eye view of the city, while patrons had an equally enticing choice of music with five top artists – Pete Herbert, Arjun Vagale, Anil Chawla, M.Mat and Spacejams – lighting up the live music scene in Chennai.

Bombay-based scene starter Spacejams, turned up for warm-up duties equipped with a crate of groovy tunes in the full knowledge that an opening set is the bedrock for any successful night. The Chennai live music crowd, always the most responsive in the country, responded equally enthusiastically to the DJ’s beats. Taking up the reigns from the young gun, British legend Pete Herbert displayed the kind of funk and verve that has been responsible for his many aliases and record labels that he’s been a part of. From Balearic beats to nu-disco tunes, the man responsible for the legendary Atlas Records, pulled out all the stops and set Chennai’s party folk well on the way for the rest of the gig.