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dOP is one of Hennessy Artistry’s regular collaborators in India as well as being France’s premier live electronic music acts. They are known as much for their mad hatter performances as for their eclectic, genre-tripping songs. dOP’s gigs generate buzz because they will be the most debauched, crazy time you will have all year long. Their songs (they hate calling them ‘tracks’) have been released on a variety of top labels like Circus Company, Milnormodern, Eklo and Orac – a string of 12-inches and EPs pushed them into the public eye in 2008. From American beat poet Charles Bukowski (‘The Genius of the Crowd’) to collaborating with musicians from Mali, dOP’s palette is as varied as they come. The trio pick out five songs that keep their adrenaline going at the moment, ahead of their Hennessy Artistry gig at CounterCulture in Bangalore this Saturday.


Nardello & Philadelphia Luv Ensemble – Ravel’s Bolero (Love Theme From ‘10’)

An incredible version of the classic bolero from 1979 with arrangements that are typical of Philadelphia.



Zapp & Roger – Computer Love

Computer love and digital sex, it’s time to have a cocktail at Aurus in Mumbai.



Otis Gayle – I’ll be around

A beautiful cover of the massive Spinners cut ‘I’ll Be Around’, which was originally recorded in the legendary Studio one studio by Clement ‘Coxsone’ Dodd, Otis Gayle’s version is just as soulful with a fantastic organ solo too.



Lookleft & Bearight – Miss You (dOP remix)

An extract of our new remix, coming out on Catz’n’Dogz label, Pet’s Recording, We like to finish our sets with it right now. It releases this week.



Mathew Jonson – Mr Polite

One of the best live electronic bands, we’ve heard that Mathew Jonson is a regular in India.