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We at Hennessy Artistry have never had a smile glued on to our faces for so long, as we have for the duration of this sonically rich palette of music that Portuguese producer and DJ Re:Axis (José Diogo Correia) sent to us.  José Diogo Correia’s love of musicianship and music stands out in his selection. “In these 10 songs, I tried to make a trip to my roots and influences since I started this beautiful course in electronic music,” he told us. “They are bright memories from many defined styles and artists that can be the result of what I am and what I do today. This is timeless music that I mainly listen to at home.” It’s enough to make you fall in love with electronic music, all over again.


Boards of Canada – Music Is Math

An old and eternal love of my life, since their first album, you can add Aphex Twin, Autechre from Warp Records to that list.


Fennesz – Rivers Of Sand

I just have seen Fennesz too many times live and each gig has been simply brilliant! The act is just a guy and his guitar, it’s powerful and spiritually deep.


Vladislav Delay – Levite

I have no words left for this amazing artist, he’s just magical. This is one of his latest works on Raster-Noton Records, run by the well-known artist Alva Noto.


Pan Sonic – Vaihtovirta

Fellow teens, this tune is for when you are alone and close your eyes on a trip to yourself.


Murcof – Maiz

I’ve seen him twice in Portugal, once at the Boom Festival and another time at the Semi-Breve Event, Braga – his music is a nostalgic flight to the future, and love at the end, is what I always feel.


Jan Jelinek – If’s, And’s and But’s

The man who typifies the je ne sais quoi attitude, Jelinek’s tracks are groovy, sexy and with a proper instrumental sampler technique.


Marc Leclair – 236e Jour

Akufen’s new alter ego, his project is hypnotic and rational. It reminds me of the many afternoons I’ve spent with my friend Hélder listening to music.


Donnacha Costello – Blue B

Somewhere in Oporto, Portugal, a long time ago…it was my first time at a techno party. It was from here that everything began…



SND – Tender Love 4

This is one of the most beautiful albums that I can remember… TENDER LOVE!


Monolake – Axis

The pioneering German music maker, innovator and godfather of Ableton is my favourite artist.