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Re:Axis Interview


José Diogo Correia aka Re:Axis is a prodigious musical talent who not only doubles up as a music producer and DJ but also successfully runs his own label, Monocline records. José Diogo Correia studied music at the Jazz School of Oporto, and then educated himself in sound design in Lisbon, a rare animal in the electronic music world where an artist is equipped with both the musical and technical aspects to music. “It’s like yin & yang, everything only makes sense together,” said José Diogo Correia, ahead of his gig for fans of Bangalore’s nightlife next week. “Some musical feelings eventually arise and you start learning more about it. The main motivation is the personal fulfilment.” Hennessy Artistry got José Diogo Correia to take some time out of his hectic schedule to talk to us about Re:Axis, growing up in Portugal and the Portuguese scene, before he wows fans of Bangalore nightlife.


What motivated your parents to have you play the piano and the guitar at the age of six? All the lessons must have taken up a lot of your time as a child…

My dad likes music from the ‘70s and my mother can’t differentiate a single note. There is no history of musicians in my family. So the music definitely came from me. I had many classes in several schools and some private teachers as well. My dream at this time was to play in a band, do shows and teach my friends that it was possible to do this. I was blissfully unaware of how time passed when I was doing what I love most and as a child I was the same.


You became a professional musician in 2005. Our Chennai nightlife patrons would love to know if you first started in a band?

Yes, I started in a band and then had many experimental music projects. I gave music lessons and played music and instruments. I started playing more regularly as Re:Axis and it was in 2005 that I felt that this was what I wanted primarily to do with my life.


How did Re:Axis happen? Was it challenging to go solo after you had worked for three years with a partner?

My friend Helder Vasconcelos, and I, José Diogo Correia, started to release some experimental tracks in in 2004 (I’m sure Bangalore nightlife fans will enjoy them). In 2005, we had the desire to create something for the dancefloor, while keeping the musical concept of our previous works. After releasing a couple of EPs and one album in the last few years, Re:Axis is now my solo project, just like my label, Monocline Records. It was a simple life decision.


What are the challenges of running a label in the Internet age? What is your favourite thing about it?

The Internet has provided more visibility and opportunities to get our music out to people. The most beautiful thing is getting feedback from people across the world.


Can you pick three of your current favourite labels?

CityFox, Soma Records and Ellum Audio because they are more directed to my musical style right now.



Tell us about your two alter egos, F-Lux and Joseph Chain, does one ever dominate the others?

Re:Axis  is definitely my main project where I do what I really feel without fear, simply believing and living the moment. When there is something very different from what I expect, sometimes, I prefer to create an alter ego. This is the case of F-Lux, a more minimal techno style and my recent avatar Joseph Chain that I am yet to define.


Can you tell people who part of nightlife in Chennai and fans of Bangalore nightlife about the scene in Portugal? Is there more to the country than the Boom festival?

Portugal has plenty of talented artists but there is a small electronic music culture. Commercial house still fills clubs across the country, and there is a minority who appreciate good music and good producers, as you might see at events in Chennai. But things are gradually changing. The Boom Festival is also changing for the better now in my opinion. I just played there in 2010 and it was amazing.







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