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Murthovic & Flish’s Playlist



Hyderabad duo Murthovic + Flish are the most exciting live electronic music act to come out of the southern half of this country in a long time. Ahead of their gig next week with Hennessy artistry, they took time out to present us with a selection of tunes that will get you in the groove…


Till von sein feat Meggy – Get over yourself

Bringing back the ‘90s funk, RnB flava, this piece of music has been our jam for a while.


John Talabot ft Pional – So will be now

This tune makes us happy every time we hear it. We’ve loved both Talabot and Pional’s music for a while; it’s always been goose bump material from them. It’s such a rich sound cosmos, and so musical. And it’s on one of our favourite imprints too. Permenant Vacation is always great music for us – we heart that label.


Raz Ohara - El Zahir (Acid Pauli Dub)

Oooofffffff!! A lick of that fresh acid feeling tossed with juicy funk and an ambiance that trips you back and forth to a magic ride, we always want our audience to experience this.


Stimming – November Morning

Stimming is a genius and we are so inspired by his work. This piece has a whole orchestra of about 60 people who record this modern day classic, so emotional, melancholic and powerful. It’s been on repeat, many mornings!


Jimpster- These Times featuring Jinadu

A lush mass of live instrumentation and harmony – heavy vox, bell-like synths, guitar parts and exploding cymbals: Bliss.


Arandel – In D (Remix by Spitzer)

Machines, theremin, hapidrum, synths, saxophone, flûtes…this is easy music for the hard to please, that’s the label’s punch line and rightly so.


Apparat – Ash Black Veil

Hypnotic., downbeat, plucked strings, broken piano melodies, slow growing drone soundscapes, synth swells and yes, the magical vox of Sascha Ring! We have the album (The Devil’s Walk ) on our drive for good, one of our favourite albums this year. It’s so inspiring!


Mario and Vidis – Change

A downcast electronic music piece which is a seductive pop-meets-house, kind of, record…Good vibes! We Dig.


The Untold Legend Of Mysterious Ondo – Pachanga Boys

Trippy, Hypnotic, Bending time and space, influences from old country and european folk music this release has caught our fancy.


Kasper Bjorke ft Laid back – Bohemian soul

Kasper Bjorke is on fire at the moment! Vocals, guitar, 808 and some crazy SH-101 psychedelic acid synth bass jam; and the ‘80s mighty laid back in collaboration for this one has always got the dancefloor going for us.