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Murthovic + Flish : Interview


Murthovic and Flish are one of the most intriguing indie-electronic live acts to come out of India in recent times. The Hyderabad-based duo, Murthovic and Flish bring a refreshing dose of sounds that refuse to be caged by genre or classification and their gig at Hennessy parties will be no different – think of Murthovic and Flish as artists with diplomat status, immune to any enforced boundaries. They criss-cross both, analogue and digital worlds, speak of Indian roots with no clichéd traditional or classical sounds, and traverse the broad spectrum of electronic music when they play at parties in India – from nu disco to future boogie, tech-house to electro-pop. Think of their sound as a cross pollination between various genres, music that is soulful, funky and intelligent; a modern cultural take on electronic music.



Both Murthovic and Flish have been at the forefront of the electronic music scene in Hyderabad and aim to take their sound across the country including events in Chennai. Murthovic has established himself as one of the most respected DJs, tastemakers and promoters of non-commercial electronic music in Hyderabad. While Flish has been the lead guitarist for India’s premier award wining band, Sledge, for half a decade. Besides their shared love for analogue oddities and digital innovation, Murthovic and Flish have also left behind careers that are as far removed from electronic music as you might imagine: the former studied toxicology while Flish gave up a career in engineering. Looking forward to the party in Chennai and the first of their Hennessy parties, Murthovic and Flish discuss the Hyderabad scene, their sound and what fans can expect at the party in Chennai.




Tell us a little about the Murtho + Flish project and how it came about?

We have known each other for the last 10 years – we’ve both lived in the same city and been part of the same music scene, which was small. Flish aka Subash was actively involved in the rock/ metal scene with Sledge, a very tight heavy metal outfit Hyderabad was proud of and I DJed rock / alternative/ eclectic music at bars, mixing all kinds of dance music by weekends and always looking for something out of the box.



We understand you’ll have locked yourselves in the studio for a while now, when can we expect a release? What is the sound that you’ll are aiming for?

Together at 603, our base studio, we are cooking all kinds of cross pollination. We come from a variety of music background, jazz, blues, pop, rock, metal, electronic dance/ blue room (chill) and a bit of psychedelic too. So it is really tough to confine our sounds to a genre or style. One could say we are an electronic / indie/ live act, but shades of our inspirations and musical upbringing will be seen in our productions. We want to make music for an open-minded and evolving audience, with a forward-thinking vibe. We have worked on a lot of material in the recent past and are going to mix some stuff down in December and put out an EP in January.



Murthovic, what are some of the things you see that have changed for the better in this time?

I have been part of the club/ music scene for 13 years and I think a lot of people in the city where I come from have now started to go out more in numbers than before. There are a lot more clubs, there is openness to electronic music and the rules have definitely gotten better than before, compared to say the ‘90s when we had excise prohibition for a few years.



How hard has it been to create an audience for non-mainstream genres of electronic music?

In the recent past, there has been huge influx of mainstream acts in Indian market but simultaneously we also have been seeing great amount of underground scenes bubbling in a many metros, especially at events in Bangalore, Hennessy parties, nightlife in Chennai and Hyderabad have all improved. The best part is that with the advent of technology, even the audience/promoters are following international popular underground music names. It’s the start of a little uprising here in India, which is cool both for the audience and the artists.

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