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Kohra’s Playlist


Kohra, aka Madhav Shorey, is a handful of electronic music producers in the country with the patience and devotion enough to run a label, alongside establishing his DJing career. It’s little wonder that Hennessy Artistry received this excellently detailed playlist as he gears up for the gig next week with us.


Eitan Reiter – Choices

Eitan Reiter has been traveling all over the world as part of the hugely successful live act – LOUD. As Loud, he has been producing energetic and full-on psy trance mostly focusing on outdoor festivals. In 2010, he released an album titled “Places I Miss That I Haven’t Been To, which was a huge transformation from his usual sound. The album is a river that passes through ambient, down tempo and atmospheric music and this song really showcases another side of him as a superior musician, producer and sound engineer.


Nicolas Jaar – Space Is Only Noise (Live In Budapest, 2012)

If there is anyone who can bring the roots of good music to the present with such finesse, it’s Nicolas Jaar. His style wanders anywhere between blues and acid-rock to experimental-ambient and techno. The live performance is just as amazing as the productions, which really put him in his own league.


Shlohmo – The Way U Do

Shlohmo has this way of slowing things down while the music is still captivating, beautiful and intelligent. I usually have it running in my room when I’m just chilling or hanging out with friends.


Maceo Plex – Frisky

One of the founding members of the now exploding Nu Disco genre, I’ve been listening to his stuff for a few years now. It’s just effortlessly easy, groovy, funky and sexy music!


Matador – Korrado

Matador is one of the newest editions to the well-known imprint of Richie Hawtin – Minus Records. I’ve known him for a few years now and recently did an India tour with him. This track has stuck with me ever since I first heard it. It’s lasted a while really….


Quivver – All Fall Down

John Graham is the man behind a lot of successful projects like Quiver, Hybrid & Space Maneuvers. Having produced everything from top quality house & techno to breaks & drum’n'bass – he’s always pushing the boundaries. His latest project sounds really exciting. This is a promo from his album that’s yet to release.


Hans Zimmer – Time (Inception)

Hans Zimmer is one of my favorite music composers of all time. This particular tune from the Leonardo Di Caprio starrer Inception haunts me, as much as it stays with me all the time. Its a brilliant example of simple, deep and meaningful music that can move us.


Max Cooper – Harmonisch Serie

Max Cooper is one of my favorite melodic techno producers. His productions are always very distinct and unique. This is another one of those tracks that stuck in my head ever since I heard it. I really like how he collaborates with graphic, moving image & video artists to interpret his complex musical structure with the help of stunning visuals.


J.Viewz – Salty Air

J.Viewz, according to me, is one of the most amazing bands of our times. His take on popular music from the ‘80s and ‘90s, woven into a futuristic and highly energetic live show is amazing!


J. Viewz – Waffles (LIVE)

Another great tune by them along with an even better performance.