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Hennessy Artistry’s frequent collaborator M.Mat is as comfortable in front of a connoisseur crowd than in front of a large audience. His DJ sets are always very eclectic and cutting edge, blending together jazzy funk, house, minimal techno, electro, and old school anthems, bringing gourmet dance music to an ever growing fan base. And this eclectic playlist that he’s shared with us ahead of the weekend gig at Ice Bar in Bangalore is testament to his wide-ranging tastes in music.


Patryk Borko – Coke Involved

I found this tune through some music digging on social media forums via Hrdvsion. It’s one of those tracks you can’t really explain why you like. Patryk Borko’s also experimented with electronic music and Indian sounds, which you can find online.



Late Nite Tuff Guy – I Don’t Like Acid

Actually, I do like acid and disco, and this tune has both.



AUX88 – Voice Modulation (Anthony Rother Remix)

This is some serious electro shit. It’s great for furious ravers.



Luke Slater – All Exhale (The FC Kahuna Remix)

I’ve been in love with this track since I heard it more than 10 years ago in a Luke Slater mix. Sadly, I’ve lost my copy of the vinyl, and I can’t find a decent quality digital version.



Kindness – Cyan

A mix of pop and slow disco that I was listening to one recent afternoon, so I thought, ‘Why not include it in the playlist?’ It’s got an interesting, quirky video as well.



Levon Vincent – 1000 Miles From Home


This is a trippy track from Connecticut resident and the man responsible for the renaissance of the New York house scene (he’s a formidable techno producer as well), Levon Vincent, who’s also produced the fabric 63 mix CD. He’s one of my favourite producers these days.




The Makers – Don’t Challenge Me

My wife loves this track, so I like to play it loud for her.  It’s a stellar tune found on this compilation called Pesonal Space: Electronic soul from 1974 to 1984.



Hrdvsion – Prettier Than That

One badass track from my buddy Hrdvsion (Nathan Johnson), it’s always good fun to play.




The Rapture‪ – How Deep Is Your Love (Dimitri From Paris Eurodiscomix)

A remix of New York-based indie outfit The Rapture by Dimitri from Paris that has been described as “weapons-grade disco” is really that good.