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Elif Biçer has always been in the right place at the right time. From her first two-step piece, produced by Barry Black, to her unexpected meeting with Sven Helbig, the famous German jazz musician and producer and her work for Berlin- based Hip Hop label Ostblockk Plattenbau, where she ended up recording music. The electronic music world benefitted from her spontaneous jam at Berlin’s Weekend club in 2006 with the producer-DJ duo of Prosumer and Murat Tepeli. At first, she considered herself an extra gimmick, but today she has developed into an independent artist signed on to Berghain’s famous Ostgut Ton label. There is hardly another female singer in the German house and techno scene who perfectly blends their hip-hop and r&b-inspired backgrounds with electronic music. Here, Elif talks briefly with Hennessy Artistry about her love for hip-hop, her first gig and how vocalists work in the electronic music world.



Your first love was hip-hop. Can you tell us how you fell in love with the genre?

I fell in love with hip-hop thanks to my brother who influenced me a lot and the film Beat Street, which fascinated me to no end.



What are your favorite three hip-hop tunes and why?

Dr. Dre’s ‘Little Ghetto Boy’, ‘I Used To Love Her’ by Common and Mos Def’s Brown Sugar…Each track reminds me of a good thing in my life.



Did you take to singing at an early age? Do you remember your first gig?

I had my first gig in school – I guess I was 10 or 12 years old…we performed Michael Jackson’s ‘We Are The World’.


Who are some of the performers you are inspired by?

Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Jill Scott, and Sezen Aksu, just to name a few.



You’ve dabbled in jazz music as well. What was that like and how different is it to work as a vocalist in electronic music? 

It is different to work with someone who plays several instruments and has studied composition because it helps the singer to create a melody, a second voice etc. Most of the producers who work in electronic music use the voice as an additional instrument. They cut it, sample it and pitch it, till it fits what they have produced.



What is your relationship with the intensely passionate and globally scrutinised Ostgut Ton crew from Berlin? 

[text_post]Murat and Achim and also Ben Klock and Steffi have given me the chance to be a part of their work – It´s a great environment of producers and musicians at Ostgut.


Have you heard any Indian contemporary or classical music singers or been aware of any of the singing traditions here?

My mum loves Bollywood films and so do I – the singing, the dancers’ outfits etc, but unfortunately I can never remember the names of the singers and actors and actresses. I love Indian music and the sound of the instruments has always fascinated me.



Are there any artists on your wish list of collaborations?

D´Angelo, Jamie Lidell and Jill Scott would be on my wish list.