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With a career spanning over two decades, DJ Uri has been consistent and true to the underground. His versatility and DJ skills have allowed him to play many different genres, and fuse many styles and influences, with a no-holds-barred attitude. Back from a hectic tour of Europe, DJ Uri has already hit the festival circuit and Hennessy Artistry is excited to have him as part of the line-up for his first gig in Bangalore in over four months.


You’ve probably had the busiest summer of all the electronic music artists based out of India. How did the tour work out for you? How much of it was planned and how much of it worked out on the fly?

I had planned the tour with eight gigs confirmed. The rest was all about networking and using the contacts I’d made already. It was a big plus for me to have been voted No 4 DJ [on the critics poll in DJ Mag India] in the country and that really opened doors for me in Europe. In total, I must have played over 40 gigs in four months.


If you had to list your top three clubs gigs which ones would they be and why?

Cassiopeia (Berlin) as this club believed in me and offered me a residency every Wednesday, Hangar 49 (Berlin) was also a great club with really crazy energy, the crowd response at this place was off the hook, and finally it was a pleasure to play at one of Paris’s most famed clubs Batofar (Paris).



You played at the Mondsucht Festival in Switzerland, which was entirely solar powered. Can you tell us about the experience?

The Mondsucht Festival was really something special. The whole festival ran without electricity. Everything was man powered, by wood fires and candles. All the acts were acoustic/live bands playing unplugged. I was given the opportunity to do a DJ set without electricity. I played on two gramophones spinning shellac vinyl back to back. It was definitely a first for me, and was great to see the crowd reacting to some really obscure classical Indian music.



Can you tell us about the Indo-German Hip Hop Project that you were involved in Germany?

As part of the exchange program, we decided to tae a small team of artists to Germany. We took the Roc Fresh crew from Mumbai, and two graffiti artists also to Germany for the Bollywood Film Festival in Stuttgart. It was a great learning curve for the guys for who it was the first time out of India.


What advice would you give Indian DJs who want to tour Europe in the following summer on how to go about securing gigs?

Make sure you have at least one contact in Europe, and really be on top of your game. In Europe, the culture for DJing is much bigger than you can imagine. Being Indian actually helped me a lot as I had some individuality, which counts for a lot.


Your gregarious personality is as big as your shoe size. Do you think that networking is an important tool of an artist’s arsenal in today’s times?

It’s all about the network, baby. For years I had all the skills that everyone wanted, but I still wasn’t getting the gigs I should have been. I realised that everyone who wanted gigs was out trying to get them. I then started pushing myself, letting everyone know I’m a DJ and ready for work. It’s all about someone feeling comfortable around you, making them trust you, making people like you. It’s so important that everyone wants to hang with you.


DJ Uri shares ten tunes that have worked handsomely for him during his tour of Europe that you can sample before his gig this weekend at Ice Bar in Bangalore.


DJ Nu-mark & Pomo – Melody

An absolutely soulful starter track, with slamming hip-hop beats and a killer male vocal, it’s hip-hop going forward.



Dynamo Productions – Hit The Floor

This one is for the b-boys as well as a dance floor banger, slightly trip hoppy big beats and funky groove.



Easy Down Home Cooking – Niles Phillips

Taking glitch hop to the next level, this tune adds a gypsy vibe to electronic hip- hop beats that really works like a treat. It’s for the ladies that are into dubstep, check the smoothness of this production.



Pressure Drop/Sugarhill Gang – 8th Wonder Remix

BIG BIG BIG party tune remixed, enough said.



Giant Panda – Speakers Funk

Quality hip-hop from not so well known an artist, people do your research – this guy is hot. This tune has a killer groove with dramatic cinematic scores and a funky bass-line too.



Doris – Don’t

Re-edit of a classic soul track, this is definitely a dancefloor shaker.



Liquid Stranger – Carnival Of The Damned

Badass bass music from the liquid stranger, unlike most of his productions, this track is raging with heavy bass and pounding drums, but well crafted and thought out track.



Future Signal – Antimatter

Futuristic drum and bass, not for the faint hearted though. This is far away from the commercial bass music sound.



Maztek & Grotesque – Straight to bad (Audio Remix)

This tune is representative of the heavy underground drumstepper sound from Italy.



Subzee D – One More

With a mellow floating intro to this sublime dubstep track, it works as a lovely ending to any bass music set.