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Hennessy Artistry caught with Delhi-based artist Jayant aka Jitter and asked him to take some time out of his hectic touring and producing schedule to share a playlist of tunes to give our audience an idea of what to expect this weekend. Enjoy!


Oliver Huntemann – Tranquillizer
The Reactable guru works his magic on a triplet, melodic and emotional techno masterpiece. It also brings the Holden element in quite prominently.



A. Balter – Mr.Wow [Jitter remix][/text-post]

[text_post]One of Israel’s busiest DJs known for his hypnotizing, psychedelic and pumping set, drops a twisted and deep tune. Balter is one of my favourite artists.



SQL – Leisure Battery [Aerofoil Remix]
A couple of Dutch artists combine to deliver a dance floor killer – SQL’s original is as intense as this remix by Aerofoil, which is an essential part of any DJ’s peak-time selections.



Max Cooper – Harmonisch Serie
What’s business does a Ph. D in computational biology from Nottingham University have with making melodic, emotional and intelligent techno in the vein of Nathan Fake? Have a listen.




Kove – Sleep it off
A hotly tipped young talent in the ever expanding drum and bass scene whose tunes have been picked up by the likes of Andy C, ‘Sleep it off’ is intelligent drum & bass at its best.



Egbert – Strak
Dutch talent Egbert provides Cocoon Recordings with a musical exclamation mark that sets standards in harmonic-but-demanding techno and tech-house. This track is an outdoor smasher.



Nyquist – Otagu [Perfect stranger remix]
Another outdoor winner with an epic breakdown, Perfect Stranger’s remix turns up with a techno-slant to ‘Otagu’ while keeping the uplifting core of the original tune.