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Hennessy Artistry : Tribute to the VJ’S

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Hennessy Artistry prides itself on organising the best weekend parties across the country with the most cutting-edge artists at leading clubs and bars. Our continued efforts to promote the most complete party experiences have included consistently featuring some of the best visual jockeys in India. In the first of a two-part series Hennessy Artistry gives you a glimpse of the some of the worlds top visual artists.


Ex-art teacher Jonathan More and computer programmer Matt Black, better known as Coldcut and the duo responsible for the acclaimed Ninja Tune label have been a team since the mid-eighties. Matt Black has pioneered the concept of VJing at diverse parties such as the legendary Telepathic Fish, Sabresonic and The Big Chill, with the first fruits of this collision of audio and video to be found on the free CD-Rom, which accompanied the iconic and politically charged ‘Let Us Play’ CD as far back as 1997.


Coldcut have designed their own VJ software, VJamm, allowing the live re-creation of whole audiovisual pieces. Video could now be jammed or scratched with as easily as sound and audiences were blown away by this new direction. Coldcut called the show CCTV and have presented it everywhere from Sonar in Barcelona, the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Glastonbury Dance Tent, Roskilde, the Queen Elizabeth Hall (as part of John Peel’s Meltdown), Steve Reich’s remix project launch party in New York and the Darklight Digital Film Festival in Dublin – to name but a few.



British artists Eclectic Method have long been at the forefront of visual-audio music production with their live kinetic video DJ shows. As the name suggests, every type, form, and style of media is on the chopping block for EM. Their output most infamously includes cutting and re-composing video and audio clips from music videos, film, TV, video games, into new forms of visual meta-pop mania. It’s all too easy to call EM’s work “mashup,” yet with the real-time narrative, visceral culture smashing and twisted, witty sense of humor, the Method is more transmedia hurricane then DJ or producer. With live audiovisual dance parties, award-winning viral videos, and original dance music releases, EM is the quintessential artist of the digital generation.



Tasso Okinawa’s background in Art and Design in Cologne with an academic focus on on textile prints and non-academic party promoting activities with flyer design led to his eventual involvement with VJ culture and to the envious position of becoming the official VJ for legendary German minimal techno label, Kompakt. From working on VJ software that his friends had set up called Almost Synch and playing at a basement party in Cologne to travelling with leading lights like Michael Mayer to festivals across the world, Okinawa69 has come a long way. Influenced by the city and the label’s musical philosophy, he prefers to visualise music in simple geometric and abstract forms, shades and light. He believes that visuals should look nice and react to the music rather than draw too much attention away from the DJ and the music.



Acclaimed Berlin design house Pfadfinderei started as a print design agency designing flyers, logos and tiny independent record labels in Berlin. Internationally, they are known for their long standing work with another set of pioneering Berliners, Modeselektor, as well as establishing the identity for the well-know label BPitch Control. They like to describe themselves as the second generation of VJs from the German capital who are strongly influenced by factory design owing to the large amounts of space in the city and its clubs. Their language, according to the them, is always strong and sharp and they much prefer to stay away from the mash-up style of VJing. Their style is vestorial graphic, typography and motion graphic all spun together in a unique combination.




Ronni Shendar is an Israeli visual artist, with a deep involvement in social-political projects, human rights and cultural production for over 10 years.
Her works have been presented in exhibitions and festivals internationally, among them the Festival de Cannes, the Jewish Museum Frankfurt and various independent and permanent spaces and galleries. In her joint A/V live performance with Glitterbug (Till Rohmann), Shendar brings an entirely new dimension to glitterbug’s live performance. Organic forms meet urban landscapes, shapes turn to texture as seas blend with deserts and skies mend with trees through an abstract road travel that unfolds slowly in a mesmerizing passage. The borders between elements of feature, documentary and animation become blurry in an unconscious glimpse to a concurrent reality. Her recent videos and live shows with British live act Gold Panda has brought her much critical acclaim.