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Ace Austrian producer, DJ and label owner Megablast has done some serious travelling and met some fine folks along the way. Tracks like ‘If I U Me’ and ‘Release The Pressure’ ooze with layers of emotion and mood of reflection. You can tell that Megablast works closely with the artists he collaborates with. Here, he gives Hennessy Artistry an eclectic sampling of some of his favourite tunes as well as some that are close to heart.

Niagara – Sangandongo

This track features some killer percussion tools and it’s one of my all-time favorites.

Rhythm & Sound – I am the King

Dub music the way I like it and as an added bonus it has great lyrics!

Young Disciples – Freedom Suite

Part of the acid jazz scene from the early ‘90s, this British act  derived their influences from various scenes for the Road to Freedom album. ‘Freedom Suite’ in particular is a wonderful track from my teenage days.

Dr Dre featuring Snoop Dog – Let me Ride

Possibly one of the best rap albums of all time, The Chronic, featured this gem of a tune with Dre and Snoop, who have created magic several times since.

Falco – Ganz Wien

One of my Austrian heroes, Falco was the only “pop” star that Austria had to offer. It’s too bad that he died already. He would be the one artist I would like to produce.

Reel to Reel – I like to move it  

If you can’t move it, you didn’t understand it.

John Lennon – Imagine

A song that gave out the message of peace to the world!

Stella Chiweshe

An mbira player whose repertoire comes from the healing rituals of the Shona people in Zimbabwe, Stella Chiweshe is an amazing persona and I want to thank OG Spiritual Goddess for introducing me to her. My favourite track is not on youtube but you can check her out in this video.

Mercedes Sosa – Gracias a la vida

Latin Grammy award winning artist belting out Argentinean folk music like none other.