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Sascha Weisz has an enduring image from his childhood. When the Austrian producer and DJ returned home from school his grandmother played the piano for him to rid him of the stress from school. Weisz said that this touching gesture ensured that till today the piano has a big influence on the way his body reacts to music. Besides his grandmother’s skills on the instrument, he grew up listening to a plethora of rock, dub and reggae artists.
His lucky break was to stumble across a show on radio called Tribe Vibes and Dope Beats. “It was about hip hop in the early days and black music culture,” said Weisz. “That is how I got influenced by Hip Hop, Soul, Funk and Reggae music.” It was the most a boy growing up in the Austrian countryside could expect.
As a teenager, Weisz was also exposed to “some cool illegal techno parties in Vienna”, which he participated in as he was too young to gain access into clubs. Digging in record stores for music also led him to genres acid house, tribal and electro. Not surprisingly, all of these influences have played a part in shaping the unique sound that Megablast has been pushing over the years and one that Hennessy Artistry India fans will have a chance to enjoy this weekend.