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When Mathieu Josso (M.Mat) first saw Detroit legend Jeff Mills play in the mid-‘90s, it changed his life forever. “He had a crazy DJing style,” said M.Mat. “He was quick, played banging Detroit techno and then there was his legendary use of TB909 in his sets.” Mathieu also listened to his mix tapes on loop, particularly the Mix-Up CD recorded at the Liquid Room in Tokyo, which has attained cult status over the years. “I remember after one of his shows in my hometown, Nantes, my friend Manu (aka Asio) and I decided to share our vinyl collection and started mixing,” he said.



Besides Jeff Mills, Ma has also been influenced by Kill the DJ (Chloe / Ivan Smagghe) and has great memories of a festival in Brittany called Astropolis. Held in a Gothic castle, the festival hosted great parties in several rooms inside the magnificent structure as well as in its gardens. What really stayed with Mathieu is that even the empty stone swimming pool was transformed into a green fur bath dance floor, where DJs like Underground Resistance’s Mad Mike, Plastikman and other stalwarts played banging sets.



Growing up, however, Mathieu was not especially inclined towards music. In fact, at one point he chose sport over music so he could hang out with his friends. “I could not bear music lessons in school,” he said. The music played in his home ranged from The Rolling Stones and Pink Flyod to Serge Gainsbourg and western classical music. He also remembers a mix tape that one of his father’s friends gave him which was played in the family car with music by Kraftwerk, New Order and Yazoo, giving those rides back home an extra zing. M.Mat will be prepared to take Hennessy Artistry fans on just as memorable a journey this weekend in Bangalore.