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A poly-rhythmic paradise of liquid harmonics to be poured into the ears, Jahcoozi’s music is as original as the phonetic imagination of their name. Hailing from the Berlin club scene and its international cohorts in the pre-Internet era of the early noughties, this bass-heavy electronica trio is a creative alliance made up of two beat-freak producers/multi-instrumentalists Robot Koch and Oren Gerlitz, and fronted by London-born songwriter and front woman Sasha aka Mother Perera, who will play a special DJ set for Hennessy Artistry in Bangalore this weekend. Perera’s playlist is as colourful as her stories and the energy reflected in these various tunes is just a tiny sample of the energy she brings to her sets.


Mark Pritchard – Heavy as Stone / Wind it up
Mad rhythms from this versatile producer, both songs are sick in their own ways but Wind it up might be one-up in that aspect, while Heavy as Stone is more perfect. Pritchard is also the producer of Africa Hitech, which is a project on Warp records.[text_post]


[text_post]Joe – Level Crossing

Joe is on Hessle Audio, one of my favourite labels from the UK, which is run by Pearson Sound. This tune is state-of-the-art club music from right now.


2562 – Techno Dread

Dave Huisman has been effortlessly taking sounds from different genres and mashing them up under his 2562 moniker (his other avatar is A Made Up Sound) and on this tune the Dutch producer gives his fans a tune so crisp you want to bite into it with some stunning soundscapes.

Die Voegel - Fratzengulasch

As mental a tune as the Pampa label boss DJ Koze, you’ll find a bizarre horn section, German vocals, sung by JaKönigJa, a band from Hamburg, that go, “I thought that you will be a bird / We will make a horse out of bones and rocks” and crazy percussions on Fratzengulasch. What’s even crazier though is that it all somehow comes together to deliver a kickass track.


DJ Vadim feat. Sarah Jones – Your Revolution

This is a truly inspirational track. I was blown away when I first heard it. The text is so spot-on and it’s a reinterpretation of Gill Scott Heron’s song from the 60s. ‘Your Revolution’ is both incredible and hilarious to listen to at the same time.

Nicolas Jaar - Nico’s Blue Wave Edits
Is it a man? Is it Missy Elliot? It’s Nicolas Jaar’s Blue Wave Edits – deep and slow, with congas and chords so wicked, you feel Missy Elliot might approve even.

Blawan – Getting Me Down

This tune is so ill with the Brandy vocal sample on there. I love the industrial sound aesthetic clashing with the RnB vocals by this talented UK producer.

Rhythm & Sound with Cornell Campbell – King of my Empire
The ultimate goose bump dub techno tune with an incredible vocal. These Berliners have been killing for a while…Mark Ernestus rules.

The Bug – Politicians and Paedophies ft. Daddy Freddy
Kevin Martin’s explorations in the world of electronic music have resulted in several experimental projects but as The Bug his dub/dancehall mutations make you sit up and take notice. This tune rocked my boat in 2003 when it dropped.


Alice Coltrane – Journey to Satchidananda

Jazz legend John Coltrane’s wife was just as accomplished a musician as her husband. This tune is perfect listening material when boarding stuffy, full airplanes. It’s aural perversion.