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Whether it’s through his productions, radio shows, compilations, parties or club sets, D’Julz has been at the forefront of electronic music since his career first began back in 1992. A firm DJ and fan favourite alike, his ability to transcend genres and trends has seen him hold one of the most consistent levels of success of any modern day DJ/Producer. D’Julz’s refined ear has taken in sounds from across the spectrum of popular and eclectic music, processing it all to create his signature style.

The Parisian grew up in the ‘70s and ‘80s when disco and synth pop dominated the airwaves, television and vinyl. While his parents were mostly into western classical music and jazz. His first big revelation was listening to Prince and the Minneapolis sound in 1983. “I became a fan instantly,” said D’Julz. “Prince had the perfect combination of disco, r& b and synth pop which I grew up with. It also shares the same roots of what became later House music, so no surprises there.”

In his teenager years, the Rex resident fell in love with funk, soul, dub and early hip hop music. And then the rave scene hit Paris before moving indoors into clubs. It was then that D’Julz first met Laurent Garnier, the Godfather of the French electronic music scene. “He was the first DJ in Paris that I heard play techno, so I was going to see him very often and we became friends,” said D’Julz. “The most important thing I learned from him is to stay open-minded and curious about different genres of music and being able to mix genres in the same set. To this day, for me, he is the best at that.” D’Julz is also an admirer of Ricardo Villalobos, the Berlin-based Chilean DJ who is also known for his lengthy, eclectic electronic music sets. He also tipped us to check out some DJs from Romania’s electronic music scene and doffed his head to Japanese producers and DJs who have been at the top of their game for many years.


Dan Curtin – Wasted Stranger (Bass Culture)

It’s the latest release on my label and it’s amazing to receive music from such a legendary producer.

Franck Roger – Surrounded (Circus Company)

Franck is on fire at the moment, so is his Circus. I’ll let you imagine the combination of the two.

John Swing – Wear & Tear (Relative)

I love this vinyl only label. Nobody does it as raw and funky as this guy.

Franck Roger feat Mandel Turner – After All (D’Julz remix) (Real Tone)

My remix of last summer’s vocal hit. It wasn’t an easy one to do but I’m quite pleased with it.