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Mathew Jonson and Bandish Projekt 24th Febuary


Bangalore’s winter is about to be cut short as Hennessy Artistry turns up the heat with a one-of-its-kind music event in the city. Never before have parties in India witnessed such an explosive blend of styles as Canadian live electronic music act Mathew Jonson will play alongside Bandish Projekt, one of India’s top dance music pioneers.

Weekend concerts in Bangalore have seen a distinct shift in the way people party since Hennessy Artistry introduced its events in the city. The brand has left an indelible imprint through its “Global Art of Mixing” campaign in leading metropolises across the world – New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, Shanghai and Beijing, to name a few.  Over the past year, Hennessy has added India as a destination to join that list.

Mathew Jonson is one of Hennessy Artistry’s regular collaborators but his gig with Bandish Projekt is as exciting as a music event in Bangalore as anything you would have seen. Jonson has had a memorable last year, creating memorable tunes, releasing music on his label Wagon Repair and touring across the world. His Indian counterpart, Mayur Narvekar, has had a similarly massive 12 months with several releases, projects with varied artists as well as his regular dance floor busting gigs across the country.
Techno meet glitch hop, jazz meets breaks and Indian classical meets western classical as Hennessay Artistry creates an intoxicating recipe for a memorable music event in Bangalore. Don’t miss this one-off meeting between two artists blending different styles, both at the top of their game.

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