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Gods Robots playlist

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Hennessy Artistry is proud to present Gods Robots as one of its artists for our maiden foray into weekend concerts in Chennai. Comprising Janaka Selekta (producer, instrumentalist, DJ) and vocalist Taamara (Shridevi Kesavan), Gods Robots fuse traditional Indian classical ragas with electronic music sounds in a way that is fresh and fascinating. Clubbers at weekend events in Chennai might be familiar with the fact that Janaka was co-founder of San Francisco’s popular Dhamaal Sound System. The collective threw some of the largest South Asian, electronic music mash-up events in the Bay Area. His musical partner, Taamara, is trained in carnatic Indian classical style vocals which blend perfectly on Janaka’s instrumentation. Together, they are set to give events in Chennai a much-deserved shot in the arm.

Nina Simone – Feeling Good

Everything about this piece is timeless. Lyrically, melodically and stylistically, it’s such a memorable song. Simone’s voice is incomparable. Classic.

Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine

Bill Withers has the remarkable ability to put powerful images into simple words then lay the whole thing on the perfect melodic bed.

Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

Pink Floyd’s ability to tell stories using voices, sounds, and other sonic devices is masterful. Dark Side of the moon is more an experience than an album and should be listened to, of course, in its entirety. ‘Wish You Were Here’ is a tribute to the band’s drummer and founding member Syd Barrett – its inspiration was Barrett and his ordeal with schizophrenia.

The Prodigy – The Experience, Music for the Jilted Generation, Fat of the Land

The Prodigy has an intensity in their music that is unrivalled. It is next to impossible to put them into a genre, like many great bands. The band is the genre.

Asian Dub Foundation – Taa Deem

This is the perfect underdub (as Dr Das coined the term). Asian Dub Foundation took the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan song to a whole other level with their unique dub and punk styling.

Bob Dylan – Knocking on Heaven’s Door

A musician who channelled a generation, Bob Dylan’s gospels were not understood at the time he released them in the early ‘80s. But they have stood the test of time with the recent release of these songs sung by the most renowned gospel stars. We love the Guns n Roses version as well but this one is something else.

Massive Attack – Butterfly Caught (Extended Version):

There’s something so haunting about this song, it makes you want to go back to it over and over again. One word – cult.

L Shankar – Abheri

The extraordinary double violinist L Shankar has delivered some of the most moving carnatic and jazz performances with musicians like John McLaughlin, Frank Zappa, Peter Gabriel and Eric Claption to name just a few. On Raga Abheri, his talent is on display for all to hear – a genius record and highly moving.

Tracy Chapman – Give Me One Reason

The power and conviction in Chapman’s voice is unmatched. Hers is a golden voice and this is a golden song.

Gnarls Barkley – Crazy

The imagery conveyed through ‘Crazy’ is simply fantastic. The power in Cee Lo’s voice and the force with which he renders it makes it a top ten favourite.