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Gods Robots interview


The seamless blend of catchy English lyrics, classical Indian instrumentation and underground rhythms defines the unique Gods Robots sound. Hennessy Artistry is excited to present a music event in Chennai which highlights a dynamic blend of cross cultural songwriting and energetic and infectious performances. Using cutting-edge technology and old school musicianship, at this weekend event in Chennai, Gods Robots will fuse elements of drumstep, dubstep, hip hop, dub and even drum n bass. Watch out for singer Taamara, as she moves effortlessly from soulful and bluesy English lyrics to classical Indian vocal melodies.

Their debut EP Stormy Weather was especially produced for Bittorrent and it features virtuoso Sarod player Alam Khan in a rare non-classical Indian music context and Mike Pipes on flute and guitar. “Stormy Weather” brings in sounds and stories the duo has explored through their two year journey built across continents. Hennessy Artistry’s concert in Chennai is part of Gods Robots Stormy Weather EP tour. Here, in an exclusive with Hennessy Artistry India, they discuss what went into the making of the music and the video, and more. Follow the link below to get an insight.

Peak sneak of the video.

How did the Gods Robots collaboration with you and Shri come about? Shri and I met when I was in India finishing my first solo album in 2010. We worked on our first song over the Internet for Bobby Friction’s BBC radio show. That’s where it really took off and our musical relationship continued to grow over the next two years with many different sounds and styles. In 2011, we hit our stride with the release of the EP Stormy Weather, which has a strong pop music appeal, with, of course, heavy drums and bass and Indian classical inputs.
Where would you locate the Gods Robots’ sound in the context of the dubstep, post-Asian Underground, bass-heavy scene?
We use elements of different styles of music to support the ideas in the song. Because of this we cross many genres. The stratification of music was method of filing songs but now seems to have become something more important, we are more concerned with making good music rather than belonging to a genre.
How did the BitTorrent deal come about? Did it help to get the Gods Robots sound out there? 
Bit Torrent has been pivotal in getting the word out about the Stormy Weather EP, it has been downloaded over 100,000 times, the STAY music video has had 170,000 views and our fan page on facebook has over 10,000 fans.
What was the idea behind the video for Stay? ‘Stay’ is presented through a six-way split screen featuring 4 surreal set pieces, ethereal performance shots of Tamaara in India, and a scene showcasing Janaka who plays an astronomer / orchestrator character. The video seamlessly moves in and out of the 6 individual frames to the various set pieces. Each of the characters represent simple dualities of human life i.e. control versus chaos and pain versus pleasure. We owe most of the success of ‘Stay’ to producer Manav Wadhwa (Blinking Peacock Productions) and Mumbai-based cinematographer Shweta Chanda, who conceptualized it along with Matthew Emery and Loris Lai, director Loris Lai  (she’s made many top music videos in Italy and Los Angeles).
Do you enjoy working in the studio producing tracks or gigging live for audiences? Studio work is incredibly creative and performing gives us a chance to see how the songs move people, we then adjust things in the studio depending on the show. We love both.
What can fans expect with the Gods Robots ‘Stormy Weather’ EP tour? The tour feature our songs from the EP along with a section of dubstep, drum n bass and reggae songs. We even have some covers and remixes, all selected to keep the audience engaged and dancing.
Where can fans buy/download the music from? We are in talks with two record labels at the moment for our newest material but fans can grab our Stormy Weather EP for free.

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