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Gods Robots Influences

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Gods Robots is a cross continental union of producer-DJ Janaka Atugoda and vocalist Shridevi Kesavan. The duo produce classically-tinged, bass-infused, lyrically enriching bass music, made even better by their varied and eclectic collaborations. Atugoda’s home base is the vibrant and progressive city of San Francisco, where’s he’s lived for many years. “The music and art scenes in San Francisco have changed dramatically over the years,” he said. “And I have certainly changed with it starting with Asian Underground, Drum n’ Bass, Jungle, DJing to producing a reggae band and now Gods Robots.” Audiences at the event in Chennai this weekend will be privy to witness this journey, as Hennessy takes weekend concerts in Chennai to a new level.

Before his move to America, Atugoda grew up in the UK watching the hit show, Top of the Pops, on the telly. He was blessed with an ability to recollect lyrics of songs and studied the music closely. “This gave me an encyclopaedic knowledge of song lyrics and arrangement,” he said.

Later, when he moved across the Atlantic Atugoda was floored when he saw Asian Dub Foundation in New York in the late ‘90s. Another act that took his breath away was ‘Anokha, Sounds of the Asian Underground’. “I listened to the album over and over again for weeks after I bought it,” he said. “It would open my ears to other great albums such as Untouchable Outcaste Beats and more.”

Kesavan, on other hand, grew up listening to and took lessons in classical Indian music thanks to her parents. IT was her brother who initiated her into the world of electronic music and eclectic sounds ranging from western classical to rock and alternative. Not surprisingly, she reveres the violinist L Shankar. “He took carnatic music to a different level,” Kesavan said.

The talented vocalist who will set a new precedent for electronic music events in Chennai looks up to performers like Aretha Franklin, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Soundgarden front man Chris Cornell, Pakistani sufi singer Sanam Marvi, British singer-songwriter Eliza Doolittle and Toronto-based reggage and ska act Bedouin and Soundclash.