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Dj Uri playlist.

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With solid roots both in the UK & Indian nightlife scene, DJ Uri has been mixing it up around India for the last 17 years. Hennessy Artistry has hosted DJ Uri at music events in Bangalore, where local audiences have enjoyed his turntable trickery, eclecticism and vast knowledge of music, ranging from drum n bass and dubstep to old school hip hop and funk. His recent ‘Evolution’ series of gigs along with UK artist Minus-6, himself an old school raver from UK, reintroduces the joys of the original sound of the UK underground scene to music enthusiasts, casual listeners and clubbers who find themselves out for a weekend event in Bangalore. Here, they pick out exclusively for Hennessy Artistry, ten tunes which have kept them smiling, dancing and raving, over the years.

Razor Boy and Mirror Man – Beyond Control

MK 13 – Sensory Deception (Remix) 

One of top rave tunes of all time, this track instantly captivates you and before dropping you in on the beat. It brings back memories of thousands of ravers, smiling along in unison, simply magical.

Metalheads – Terminator 

Before the world knew him as Goldie, there was Metalheads and the classic tune, Terminator’. It samples from the timeless Terminator movies and combines them with some futuristic beats and sounds. ‘Terminator’ was also known for its pioneering use of the technique of time stretching. It was a precursor to the jungle, breakbeat and drum n bass scenes that would soon erupt across the UK.

Omni Trio – Renegade Snares

One of the first examples in ‘Jungle’,of the use of the very famousand inspirational “Amen” break. The “Amen’ break was used in Hip Hop as well as being such a key player in Rave music production. This song paved the way for many future records to do a similar thing with this amazing and versatile breakbeat.

Skream – Indistinct

Part of the ‘Skreamizm’ set of EPs, ‘Indistinct’ is an eight-minute long journey into the nether world, full of horns and haunting vocals, with a thumping kick and snare that take you there.

Phaeleh featuring I-Mitri – Perilous 

I-Mitri teams up with Phaeleh, both artists from our hometown of Leicester, to bring you some quality, pulsing, powerful bass. ‘Perilous’ is a recipe for pleasure – to be enjoyed by listeners, artists and ravers alike.

NarX – No Future (Remix)

A collaboration between MSB and Minus-6, this remix (of an earlier piece) maintains the grittiness of the original, which was way more upfront and energetic. This one goes the opposite way. It’s more relaxed with a tech-vibe.

Nympho – Resolve
‘Resolve’ has a delightful lead bass that keeps poking its head through the beat before dropping the beat back in to your lap.

Hamilton – Brainstrom

Described by DJMag as a “soundsystem breaking roller with moody atmospherics and a big winding bass”, ‘Brainstorm’ is perfect for Indian clubbers, especially the ones who are always asking for something ‘banging’. The lead synths take a hold of you and push those legs just that little bit harder.

Marcus Intalex – Stark 

One of the legends of the Manchester scene, Marcus Intalex is known for his precision, for thinking out of the box and constantly taking drum n bass forward. ‘Stark’ is no different. It takes the craziness down a touch, which makes a good tune to drop in the middle of a set to give the crowd a little breather before taking it up again,or at the end of your set to leave the crowd with a tingle down their spine.