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Bandish Projekt Influences+Playlist


Bandish Projekt’s eclectic tunes and electric live shows are influenced by an eclectic mix of artists that range from Bollywood music composers Laxmikant Pyarelal, RD Burman; experimental European IDM and bass artists Aphex Twin and Noisia and South Indian music legends Illyaraja and AR Rahman. Add to this mix ghazals, live Indian classical music and a childhood that was exposed to the remnants of the socialist era of national television and you can begin to understand the DNA of one of India’s most innovative live acts. And of course, no Bandish Projekt show is complete without Mayur Narvekar’s trademark percussive tabla beats. Narvekar credits the tabla for instilling the dedication and self-control that most artists often find lacking.

”The tabla is a complete rhythm instrument,” he said. “You can learn all the possible rhythm patterns and beats usually heard in today’s music.” Narvekar’s talent was spotted early. His uncle, Prabhakar Narvekar, spotted him banging pots and pans with spoons, playing simple beats without any training. He promptly decided to give Narvekar an education in classical music and introduced him to the tabla at the age of three. That’s also where Narvekar began his apprenticeship under his Guru, Shri Divang Vakil.

Narvekar likens his tabla rehearsals to yoga sessions. “It generates positive energy which keeps you away from distractions in life. More than that Narvekar said that the tabla is limitless when it comes to improvisation, which makes it one of the most fun instruments to take up. “Most people like the tabla as it’s a melodic instrument (generates melody) but at the same time it is also rhythmic because it creates beats and patterns,” he said.

While this helps the musician keep in touch with his classical side, his bass-oriented persona is constantly trawling through childhood memories, live concerts attended during college and the nostalgia of growing up in the ‘80s. One of the best examples of the Bandish Projekt oeuvre is his remix and video of ‘Ek Anek aur Ekta’, an ‘80s public service announcement meant for national unity.
“The lyrics totally take you back to that decade,” said Narvekar. His fantastic remix maintains the narrators shrill, high-pitched voice but then takes off into a magically, surreal journey of bass, bleeps and drops. Something Hennessy Artistry audiences can expect loads of when the artist plays a double header this weekend at music events in Bangalore and another concert in Chennai.


Amon tobin – Bedtime Stories   

Hybris – Bossa Nouveau (Blackout)

Mount Kimbie – Mayor 

Phace + Noisia – Micro Organism 

Synkro & Indigo – Guidance