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Bandish Projekt and Gods Robots 25th Febuary


Hennessy Artistry has established itself as a pioneer of global music through spectacular and sophisticated experiences at parties across India. This weekend, it debuts with a first music event in Chennai with two of India’s most forward-thinking artists Bandish Projekt and Gods Robots. The former is the brainchild of Mayur Narvekar, an accomplished Indian classical musician, producer and DJ who has gigged at Hennessy Artistry music events in Bangalore and across the country. He will be sharing the stage at the event in Chennai with San Francisco-based producer-DJ Janaka Atugoda, and his musical partner, vocalist Shridevi Kesavan. Gods Robots fuse traditional Indian classical ragas with electronic music sounds in a way that is fresh and fascinating.

Bandish Projekt’s musical trajectory goes hand-in-hand with the rise of the Indian electronic dance music scene. One of the earliest producers to make original beats, chop up and sample memorable TV ads, classic Bollywood tunes and dialogues, Narvekar created an alternative scene in the country when there wasn’t one. Hennessy Artistry is proud to kick off its music concerts in Chennai with this exciting duel
Hennessy Artistry is known for its contemporary lifestyle and trendsetting image. In keeping with this, the live acts that the brand associated with and the parties in India it organises are refreshing and energetic. It infuses the nightlife in India with much-needed change, in terms of the quality of music, the experience and introduces a classic setting to savour the rich palette of Hennessy.

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