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dOP- Influences


“For dOP, Jazz music is the foundation of everything we do. We were highly influenced by the Parisian jazz scene. The concept of creating fresh melodies on the spur of the moment, where composed and improvised music meet mid-way hit us instantly. We like to think of this as our foundation,” said Clement Aichelbaum. Not surprisingly though the band members tastes are as diverse as the songs they create.

Aichelbaum personally references Brigitte Fontaine, the avant-garde French singer (also an accomplished writer, novelist and playwright) who since the ‘60s made a name for herself by blurring the lines between rock n roll, jazz, electronica and several other genres. Considering that dOP are cast in a similar mould, it seems like an apt fit. He also points to Alan Turing, the man universally credited with the development of computer science and his important role in the creation of the modern computer.

Jonathan Illel, the band’s vocalist, quite understandably cites Michael Jackson, arguably one of the world’s biggest pop music acts; Ian Fleming’s James Bond character, known for his love of gambling, women and a good drink or two and Ronald McDonald, the popular clown and mascot for global hamburger chain, McDonald’s as his primary influences.

Damien Vandesande settles for more predictable options by saying that his wife, his mini Labrador and Miles Davis, the legendary American jazz musician who was responsible for several major developments in jazz, including bebop and jazz fusion, among several others. These unique ingredients that the band members have picked up over the years goes into making the unique cocktail that is dOP!


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