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dOP- Highlights


dOP have just been voted one of the world’s top 3 live electronic music acts by Resident Advisor, the most respected online magazine for electronic music. From the closing party of Bar 25 to sets at Fusion Festival, from cities as far apart as Los Angeles and Tokyo, dOP have left their mark on unsuspecting audiences with their dynamic live shows. Imagine the energy of a rock n roll show with a hip hop MC and tons of soul plastered on to 4 X 4 beats and you’ll have an inkling of what it’s like to be at a dOP show. Not to forget that vocalist Jonathan “Jojo” Illel regularly finds himself stripped down to the boxers, sports all manners of headgear and woos women like it was his last night on earth.

Not one to rest on their laurels, however, dOP are currently looking to collaborate with artists who they believe can take their work forward. Projects with close friend and electro-dancehall-reggae artist Aquarius Heaven are on the horizon with Illel a.k.a JAW is looking forward to release a solo album, which is being drafted. They will also continue to work with their mentor and friend Nicolas Sfintescu (Nôze). Watch out for an exciting year ahead for the trio where they are looking to take their live act to a next level by adding more live instrumentalists (guitarist) and perhaps even a drummer.


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