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dOP- Event 10th December


Hennessy Artistry’s famed global music campaign to promote the art of mixing various genres and blending the talents of the world’s top artists returns to bring you another top event in Bangalore. French act dOP’s concert in Bangalore will reflect the trademark of Hennessy Artistry events. Look forward to a music event in Bangalore of pure unification: one that mixes sound, visual innovation and drinking experiences from around the world.

dOP are French innovators who enjoy the process of creating music as much as they relish the presentation of their work. The trio of Clement Aichelbaum, Damien Vandesande and Jonathan Illel, are renowned for giving goofy interviews, and Illel in particular is famed for stripping down to his boxer shorts through most gigs but they make for this monkey business by sculpting lush, fresh electronic music sounds that are a treat for dance floors in nightclubs and headphones in your bedroom.

Hennessy’s rich brand history is illuminated by its continued quest for innovation by supporting the best artists like dOP. It maintains the brand’s position of associating itself with the best artists from across the country putting on one-of-a kind music events in Bangalore. The city itself has a rich heritage of musical diversity with bands from various genres, from death metal, folk rock, alternative and classical music, consistently creating a body of work to rival that of any other city in India. Each of Hennessy’s events in Bangalore has featured some of the most cutting edge and formidable names in music today. And dOP is no exception. An amalgamation of the best of several genres of music (house, jazz, soul, hip hop, funk, rock n roll), dOP’s music and performances are an ode to Bangalore events and performers, from the past and present. And like Hennessy’s maxim states, ‘Blending is an Art and the Art is in Blending!’