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Hennessy Artistry with Ska Vengers @ Sutra – Bangalore

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Hennessy Artistry presents here a video of the Ska Vengers stylishly jazzy live performance that happened recently at Sutra Bangalore. Suited up suitably as the artists paying true respect to the genre back in the day, coupled with their own specialties,they remind you of the golden era that was, with a whole new twist shaken and stirred up by the Ska Vengers themselves.

The performance kicks off with the Ska Vengers beautifully yet simultaneously building character into the track. Samara Chopra’s sensuously authentic vocals perfectly complement the music as she begins to sing “Woman of The Ghetto”. The crowd is not just a witness to the Ska Vengers first time in Bangalore, but are seen having the time of their life as they shake and groove with gleeful smiles to the music.
Indeed , the Ska Vengers were joyously applauded for their refreshing as ever premier performance in Bangalore. The entire vibe generated via their performance is reminiscent of a musical joie de vivre. The band seem to be focused on delivering their true magic to the crowd who just can’t get enough of their sound, yet they seem to be making direct contact with their audience by hitting the right chords harmoniously. For more images from the party head on over to - The Hennessy Artistry India Fan Page.


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