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Ska Vengers – Behind the Scenes – Interview Video

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This is not your everyday “rock band” interview.. This is a video about exclusive quotes from India’s first and only Ska, Rock Steady and Reggae band which already sounds bewildering as one reads this!

Here, they talk about what they are, as a band altogether, and how excited they are about their gig in Bangalore after already creating a stir with their outstanding and heavily applauded performances in Mumbai and Pune.
Here’s a band who surprisingly isn’t materialistic or all about making a superficial propoganda of bling via the music channel.. as they take pride in not just the present day but the roots of the genres that they are all about .. as heard in the lyrics of Samara Chopra and Delhi Sultanate ” don’t like reebok, don’t like nike.. I walk with the Almighty!”
The Ska Vengers have a very international,yet wholesome sound put together , owing to diverse cultural and multinational backgrounds of its members.. reminiscent of the fact that music certainly doesn’t have a language!
They enlighten their fans and audiences that their music is the road less or not travelled upon at all !
As a whole the ska Vengers are all about confidence in playing the genres that they play with elan and passion.. Stefan Kaye says proudly that the Ska Vengers are “india’s first and currently only ska rock steady , jazzed-up punk outfit”.
Diggy Dang speaks about the Ska Vengers debut album…
Well, from the sound of the Ska Vengers performing live, one can only expect the best Ska, Rock Steady and Reggae album to arise out of Indian shores… one could consider it a spa for fatigued ears after all the run of the mill, heard the same formula million times genres floating around the music scene!


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