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Nathan was born into a family where everyone had high levels of musical intellect. Picture this, a blues loving father who didn’t just do so from a distance, but owned a MIDI Keyboard! (One of the best of its time) Furthermore, his father encouraged an 8 year old Nathan Jonson aka Hrdvsion to play and experiment with the sounds of this Keyboard. On noticing a very young Hrdvsion’s potentials, his mum decided to give him an all rounder musical foundation by letting him learn the classical piano.

However, it was his father’s keyboard he fancied the most. Though it had 127 sounds, hrdvsion tried every combination till he learnt it like the back of his hand. To add to that, his older brother Mat (The famous Mathew Jonson of Cobblestone Jazz!!) was into bass synths and TR 909′s which Hrdvsion got an early exposure to. Hrdvsion’s 17th birthday gifts were life changing in terms of who he is today. His mum gifted him “Squarepusher – Hard Normal Daddy”. His brother too, gifted him a Squarepusher LP titled “Big Loada” This got Hrdvsion deep into the music and cult of the mid 90′s rave scene, and he started off his own musical nights in hostels…



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