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Hrdvsion started off with experimental music nights in hostels,including one titled “How to build an aeroplane”. These nights were a major success.
He then released many tracks, which were majorly put out on his brothers label (upcoming back then) “Wagon Repair Label”, and his friend Spencer Drennens Itiswhatitis imprint.
In 2002, Nathan released an album and called it 25 cents. Audiences back then did find it a little hard to digest, as this album was ahead of its time, and contained unpredictable, erratic beat patterns which were amazingly experimental in nature. However, as soon as people comprehended that the albums beauty was in its brand new formula, a lot of its tracks were still being released as singles a couple of years later.
Hrdvsion admits that his father’s keyboard was the one thing that fuelled his passion from the start. Hrdvsion explored the instrument beyond its limits of 127 sounds, as he has always been on a quest for bizzare sounds and mysterious glitches.

He then realized that like minded people were upto the same sound experimentation and exploration on Warp, Rephlex and Planet Mu.

Back then, Plaid happened to play in Victoria, and a hopeful Hrdvsion handed out his track “Rotten Teeth” to them.
To his astonishment, “Rotten Teeth” was being played by Plaid on a Radio show! this was yet, only the beginning for Hrdvsion…



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