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His description of the kind of artiste he is and what sets his genre apart from the maddening crowd.

Hrdvsion thinks aloud about his choices, spelling them out as “good” or “bad” and gives us an understated yet precise point response, “I am a good artist. As for the genre of music I make, I’m not sure if it is a genre or at least i am not making music FOR a genre. I just transfer the music in my head into a form other people can listen to”?

On being a frequent artist at the best venues across Europe.

Hrdvsion tells us with child-like zeal that he’s never been to India or any part of Asia, and has an upbeat Confession, ”I’m very excited, and have heard many many great things!”

On what keeps him constantly inspired and motivated as an artiste. Hrdvsion shares his secret on how he thrives on experimentation and discovery, which in turn enables him to do new things or revive classics in his style. According to him “Nothing feels better than to have a concept for a song or technique and suddenly realize that it is working the way you wanted it to.”

His preferred choice of instruments and technology that enables him to produce his brand of refreshing music. In a simplistic manner he enlightens us about his instruments not being too fancy, consisting of a drum machine and/or a synth. He prefers to work on Ableton Live for its user friendly quality and Native Instruments rather than Reaktor, as it’s not too user friendly. He further adds, “I am always thinking of new ideas for Reaktor, whether it’s creating a sequencer that doesn’t exist, making a new synth, or even something as simple as adding, let’s say, LFO control to a synth that’s already built.”

Favourite venues, perceived as the most musically welcoming in terms of crowd response. He feels the most significant thing is about being close to your crowd, being on the same page where he as an artiste dances and parties in rhythm with the crowd. He believes it’s a big task to be in the groove of the music and you cannot disconnect yourself from the crowd at any given point. He names his favourite venues with passion, “Farbfernseher in Berlin, The Golden Pudel, in Hamburg, even Panorama Bar – you are right in there in front of the crowd, and it’s great!”

Views regarding the Indian music and clubbing scene. Since Hrdvsion hasn’t visited the Indian subcontinent before, he doesn’t know much as yet, however he proves that it’s a small world indeed when we hear him say, “Through friends playing there, they only have fantastic things to say about it.”

On coming up with the name “Hrdvsion”, and its significance. He truly inspired artiste that he has always been, he discloses the story behind the name, “Hrdvsion comes from “Hard” from Squarepusher’s album “Hard Normal Daddy” and “Vision” from “Kitchenette and Cablevision”, a phrase from a Motel’s signboard hung outside its establishment to attract tourists. His musical intellect converted this mélange to “Hardvision” he wrote music under this particular name for a few months, before registering it as a website, he takes us back into time as he recollects that it was a questionable website that owned the name, “Needless to say for the sake of my mom looking me up online I had to change the name, after taking out the first vowel of each word I was left with potentially one of the worse names to communicate audibly to another human being.”

A working day in the life of Nathan Jonson aka Hrdvsion is… He’s not certain if he has many working “days” in his life, barring his travelling weekends. Like most artistes, he is a nocturnal creature who weaves his magic at his home studio. “I am able to be inspired and instantly start working on a project within minutes. This makes up for many nights of insomnia as I suddenly hear what i think could be some brilliant piece of music taking form.”

The differences between the scene in Canada and Europe, and how his sets evolve as he shuffles between the two continents. He shares something that instantly educates us about the clubbing scene overseas. He goes on to explain that the scenes are poles apart. He is of the opinion that Canada probably doesn’t have the same relaxed laws pertaining to late night electronic festivals as the European part of the world. Clubbers and performers end up being in constant state of rush as clubs operate primarily between 10pm and 2am! He goes on to describe the diversities between the two scenes, “It’s much harder to get that feeling of time standing still while listening to a fourteen minute long repetitive minimal techno groove like you can at Berghain in Berlin. Since the clubs are only open for a few hours, people lose interest quickly in search for the best music and often confusing the best music with the most instantly gratifying. Don’t get me wrong though…there are wonderful groups of people in Canada doing wonderful things, but it just tends to lack the support needed to have something always thriving like Europe does.”

Technically sound by following the rules, push the envelope by creating a technique, or mix them up! His spontaneous reply to this one, “I think i would like 2 cups of pushing the envelope and 1 cup of being technically sound. I’ve just got to find the rest of that cup!”



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