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Music generally falls differently on every ear. Everyone tunes into their own frequencies.
However, very few dare to explore sound that is outlandish, never heard before and delve into it.
Ladies and Gentlemen! Meet hrdvsion aka Nathan Jonson. A Canadian and just 29,from a circuit comprising the likes of Aphex Twin and Squarepusher, extending onto the connoisseurs such as Schaeffer, Henry and Varese.

His first toy was his dad’s midi-keyboard which came with a limited 127 sound combinations, apart from his brother’s (well known as Cobblestone Jazz’s Mathew Jonson!!!) Bass synths and TR 909′s.
His 17th birthday was a turning point when his mum and brother gifted him Squarepusher LP’s that he considers the most influential till date. These gifts took his inspirations to the 90′s rave cult. It also got him to start off his own music nights.. Some being in a hostel!
Soon after, Hrdvsion releases were the next big thing…
In 2002, he came out with an album called 25 cents. Though he broke through all the stereotypical norms of predictable norms of beat patterns, many of the songs were still released as singles a few years later.
A vital part of the international music scene, he maintains his originality , unaffected by people who don’t understand intelligent music.
In less than a decade, his tracks have been remixed by some of the best names in the league, he’s performed scene stirring sets at London’s Fabric and Glasgow’s arches apart from Grand Festivals such as Mutek (Canada) and Sonar (Barcelona).
Says he, “My work has always felt more like a personal journal, than art,I wasn’t trying to be an artist, I was just expressing myself. I became so wrapped up in it that I became really kind of “whatever” to the techno and dance scenes and wrote these really challenging songs that veered away from the instant gratification thing. I ended up going further than I would have, more radical and unfriendly, because I grew worried that I might somehow lose control of my vision.”



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