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Today, he is a significant part of an ever evolving, international electronic music scene.
Hrdvsion maintains his own style , whilst surprising fans and audiences alike, and doesn’t compromise on delivering quality every time..
Within hardly 8 years, he has released a fair number of 12 inches and EPs, seasoned and spiced up tracks produced by Dominik Eulberg, Filterwolf and Inkwell (amongst many others!) in true Hrdvsion style.
He’s one of those superstar idolised DJs who have played jaw dropping, ear educating sets at London’s Fabric, Glasgow’s arches, and festivals as majestic as Mutek (Canada) & Sonar (Barcelona).
According to him, he has always considered his work as more of a personal journal than classified art. He further reveals he never tries to be an artist, but merely expresses himself via the music.
Nathan, now resides in Berlin, which is heaven for electronic music producers and DJs.
In 2010, he released an album he considers his “real” debut, titled “Where Did You Just Go”.
It was released by the very established Wagon Repair Label.