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Ska Vengers ( Ska Music) Profile


Stefan the band manager, keyboardist & backing vocalist, made sure that we got a clear explanation about Ska Vengers. He began by telling us that Ska Vengers wanted to put out the type of music that was energetic and that would hopefully make people want to dance. What usually goes on at heavy rock gigs doesn’t even feature in the same book called dance. He goes on to say that they as a band,  wanted to produce music that wasn’t too gender specific and since there didn’t seem to be a wealth of dance oriented live bands in India, they decided to address this situation with something fun to play and which by far is heavily reliant on a strong rhythm section.

He affirms that the music is not evangelistic, although they do pay homage to the original ska, by throwing in a Prince Buster cover and some
Skatalite style horn riffing. There have been many musical styles that have formed since the advent of ska; many merge into the music of Ska
Vengers. They have what they like to think is their own unique take in addressing social and political concerns that affect Indians and others on
a wider scale and sometimes enter into noirish film soundtracks and avant-garde territory. At all times they have never lost sight of the two

and the four or the downbeat chord even when they are not actually played.

This October in Bangalore, Ska Vengers are bringing together their bag of ‘Ska’prises for Hennessy Artistry India. The question is where will you

be when this is going down?

Photo credit Sarah Lankford