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Samara Chopra (Ska Vengers) – Influences

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The Delhi based Ska outfit Ska Vengers couldn’t get a better wholesome front-woman voice than the jazz aficionado Miss Samara C. Born and raised in New Delhi, she grew up listening to and being influenced by Jazz from her early age. Her sensual vocals rip the air with a subtle concoction of jazz, blues and rocksteady rhythms, coupled with oodles of confidence and of course a treat to watch. She also lends her voice to the band ‘Emperor Minge’ and has featured with BassFoundation and Bombay Basement.

An untrained singer, a trained actor and a host to a number of television shows, she worked as a television presenter and she is currently choreographing, anchoring and writing for ‘Yoga Sutra’, a show on the channel NDTV Good Times.. Samara Chopra, not just trained with the usual artistic skills, has also been trained in opera, and acts on stage.

Samara Chopra plays numerous roles in not just television lifestyle shows, but also the jazz, rock steady, and ska music aficionados pay her due respect as lead singer for the Delhi ska outfit, Ska Vengers.  It’s bewildering enough that India can present to the west its crème-de-la-creme ska and dub band, but it’s even more spellbinding that their prima donna is a luxurious-voiced sensation like Samara Chopra. Samara brings a fiery yet earthy, smoky vintage jazz singer vibe to the band’s sunny ska and dub tunes. You’re really missing out on something if haven’t been witness to the Ska Vengers yet, considering she’s a sight for sore eyes and she makes for a great raison d’être. With a voice that not just reminds you of the greatest jazz crooners from where the magic begun, but also complements the tunes of the Ska Vengers. Samara’s the perfect front woman for a band whose deep, powerful bass lines and upbeat styles are pointing out to Ska music fans that the term “rudeboy” isn’t always rude.

Photo credit Sarah Lankford


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