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Raghav ‘Diggy’ Dang (Ska Vengers) – Influences

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Say hello! to Raghav ‘Diggy’ Dang, musician and deejay, born in New Delhi raised in London and Philippines.

Diggy Dang aka Diggy Irie aka Boss DJ is a founding member of Reggae Rajahs, India’s first reggae sound system and a community-based, collaborative organization, dedicated to the promotion and forward movement of the Indian reggae and dancehall community.  Diggy Dang alongside the Rajahs, have conquered major cities across the country including – Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai and Goa and performed with and influenced by upcoming artists such as Delhi Sultanate, Mandeep Sethi, Cian Finn as well established international artists such as Apache Indian (UK), Nikhil Chinapa (Submerge), Graeme Hamilton (UB40), Dubblestandart (Austria), Subatomic Sound (USA) and Heartical Sound (France).

Moreover, Reggae Rajahs are promoters of the reggae scene here in India, booking international artists, organizing events, promoting via flyers posters and social media. They are also a sound-system who DJ and toast lyrics (MC). Diggy Dang does both with Reggae Rajahs.

Diggy Dang is also a founding member and guitarist of The Ska Vengers, India’s 1st Ska/Rocksteady/Dub band. The Ska Vengers released of their first song ‘Rudeboy Skank’ on the Stupiditties IV compilation in October 2010, and are currently recording their debut album, slated for release in Late 2011.

The man is also a guitarist and has played with upcoming reggae artists in the UK. He goes on to reveal that he linked up with Stefan Kaye when he moved to Delhi and started Ska Vengers in the summer of 2009. They then added more musicians to the lineup and by the end of that year; the current line-up was born. He spends his time promoting and performing with both groups, as he feels that they are one and the same focused on pushing forward a scene whether its Ska, Reggae Dancehall or Dub. Ska Vengers, play primarily ska and rocksteady music, which is precursor to reggae music, so he concludes that it is a good thing to lay the foundation of this kind of music with the band. As he puts it in his words, “Ska music is rhythm driven uplifting dance music that originates from jazz and blues.”

Diggy Dang
Diggy Dang


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