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About the music genre Ska

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Let’s face it, Ska music, a genre that has it’s roots deep in the heart of Jamaica, is made for dancing. It has a tempo that grabs your feet and lets your knees buckle in a ‘ahem’ controlled manner. The bass, drums, guitars, keyboards and the horn section (This is the killer section) are the main featured instruments that weave interlacing strands of curiosity through the fans. Once the crowd starts skanking (bending their knees and running in place to the beat), then this means that the music is in effect.

Going into the core of ska music, we find that it’s anatomy revolves around the second and the third wave ska. The second wave ska has it’s creative roots in England around the 70s. This type of ska was usually a mixture of traditional ska and the then genre of music known as punk rock, to form a killer combination. Now the third wave ska is an American influence that bordered around the second wave ska sans traditional ska. So their style differed. Although their range did have a wee bit of traditional ska, they readily soaked up punk rock.

A few of the Second Wave Bands:
The Specials
Bad Manners
The Higsons
The Beat

A few of the Third Wave Bands:
The Toasters
Operation Ivy
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
No Doubt
Reel Big Fish
Less Than Jake
Save Ferris

Photo credit  Parikhit Pal


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