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JC-001 The Profile




JC-001 was born Jonathan Chandra Pandy 1966 Ladbroke Grove, West London.  Proud of his Irish-Indian roots  JC is today a skilled vocal performer and a talented rapper and beatboxer . Evident in his style and thought provoking lyrics are his influences ranging from Hip Hop and Reggae to classical Indian  styles . Jonathan started his career in rap and electro on the streets of Covent Garden, Leicester Square. Always at hand was his mate and human beatbox Yankee B.  Through the late ninties and  into the last decade , Jonathan has toured solo and with other artists including Nitin Sawhney, Badmarsh and Shri world-wide.

By 1986 he signed up with ‘Furious Fish Records’ . Then headed by producer Richie Stevens and his father , the legendary drummer , late John Stevens. Under the Furious Fish label , JC partnered with DJ D-Zire and released a number of albums-  ‘I diss therefore I am’, ‘Words Within Words’, ‘That’s Me’ and the soon to follow ‘Bad Place to Get Hit’. 1988 and JC-001 signed on with Dave Stewart’s ‘Anxious Records’ releasing several singles. The most notable was ‘Never Again’ a rap against racism featuring The Specials Ghost Town Hook. The other hit single marked the return of the duo JC-001 and DJ D-Zire in ‘Favourite Breaks’ a fast and furious danceable track with samples from ‘apocalypse now’.

In 1993 Jonathan Chandra Pandy as JC-001 made it to the Guiness Book of Records at a rapping speed of 631 syllables a minute. He was named fastest rapper 28th October 1993 through the BBC Radio 5 program ‘The Mix’ at a competition hosted by the Guiness World Record. The album ‘Ride the Break’  again with DJ D-Zire followed the same year.This time around the single was markedly diffrent with a slower pace but great rhythm and beat . Right after the duo went on tour with the Shakespeare Sister. Around that time JC-001 also spent time as the host of the RTL Ireland show called ‘Electric Ballroom’.

In 2002 he won the Berlin Literature Festival International Poetry Slam. JC has also lead workshops in schools and colleges and even taught a rap course at Westminster College.  Along with a long standing association with Shri JC has worked extensively with the Lyon based French band- Le Peuple de l'Herbe. As lead singer and human beatbox JC & the band wrapped up their last tour this April and will be heading into the studio to record their 6th and newest album. Also on the cards is Jonathan's pet project , a new opera based on the life of Colonel Muamar Qaddafi. Self written, produced and performed the project will be a collaboration between the English National Opera and the Asian Dub Foundation. 

Friday, 6th May 2011 JC-001 will partner up with the British-Asian bass badshah Shri & our very own Bandish Projekt. Our second show with Bandish Projekt also marks the end of the second season at Hennessy Artistry India. Also coming full circle with our 6th show we return to our good friends at the ICE Bar Bangalore  at Taj Vivanta. You won't want to miss this!