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Interview with JC-001

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“I picked up rapping in my area of London in the early eighties. I played with a sound system called Rapattack throughout the UK as a form of apprenticeship, and the beatbox basics were taught to me by a human beatbox who was well known in the eighties called Yankee B. I gained the principles from him and adapted my own style from there.”- JC001 on starting out.

Being part of Le Peuple de l’Herbe

In conversation with JC Pandy last weekend we got talking about his long association with Lyon based, French band Le Peuple de l’Herbe. “It is a highly eclectic genre.” He told us of the band’s music. “From drum and bass, jazz, retro hip hop, reggae right up to cinematic soundtracks reflecting a whole range of influences.Vocal, instrumental and ambiant.” Ask him about his favourite track with the band – “On a Mission, based on a concept rap about Apocalypse Now!” Theres a definite sense of pride about the piece. So how did it all start, we asked him. Where did he meet the french band? “I met Le Peuple  de L’Herbe in Lyon, backstage after a Nitin Sawnhey gig in 2001. We discussed a couple of experimental tracks. I recorded with them a few months later and toured with them. Ten years on….I’m still touring with them!” We then talked about his journey with the band. Shows he’s been part of, the ones that really stood out for him.”One of my most memorable gigs was when Le Peuple de L’Herbe played with Shri as their support band summer of 2010. Our horn player N’Zeng and I played 2 tunes with Shri, and Shri joined Le Peuple for 2 tunes.

Working with Shri
We knew JC & Shri performed together last year in London. It was only when talking to JC that we realised how far back their association goes.”Shri and I first worked together in Berlin in 1995 while on a mixed music tour with Nitin Sawnhey and DJ Ritu from the BBC. We played several shows on former Communist German open air circus grounds.We previously worked together with Nitin Sawnhey and continued our union long after we moved on to other projects. We have several different shows having played live music, club nights and poetry shows around Europe.”

The HA show Friday 6th May2011

As an artist that counts everything from the Beatles to Public Enemy Number 1, from Jimi Hendrix to Massive Attack as his influences; We asked JC what HA fans could expect from a JC & Shri show  “It is a fun collaboration, we enjoy our time on stage together. Much of what we do is improvised. We hardly rehearse as this may damage the spontainety. We work on stage as musicians and friends. This enables us to interpret and anticipate what the other will do next!  Once we learnt that Shri & JC work best unrehearsed we wondered how active ingredient X- Bandish Projekt was going to work with the duo? “It’s my first time with  Bandish Projekt.” JC admits. ” Having spoken and discussed the show with him(Mayur)it looks like an energising and exciting set!” (We make a mental note to grill Mayur on his plans for Friday.)

Summer 2011
The show at ICE Bangalore this Friday, 6th May 2011 marks the end of the HA 2011 Summer. Even as we stay back to finalise show details for Friday, there has been talk of summer vacations across the HQ. So , we wonder, what are our artists getting upto this summer? We put the question to Jonathan as we pack up for the day . “Apart from touring with Shri, this summer is primarily about working on the new Le Peuple De L’Herbe album.We are currently writing a new album in Lyon.Even as I am on tour in India with Shri, I will still be spending some time composing new lyrics for Le Peuple tracks and I will return to France in June to finalise the recording. After this tour in India with Shri I’m taking a few days off in Vagator, Goa! That will count as a small vacation, right?”
He smiled. Earlier in the interview we asked Jonathan about his favourite artists, influences and journey into human beatboxing. Stay tuned for our next feature.

Untill then mark your calenders. Shri//JC-001//Bandish Projekt a first time collaboration for the three artists. This Friday 6thMay2011 at ICE Bangalore.


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