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Bandish Projekt – Back in the Interview Room


We got hold of Mayur Narvekar a.k.a the Bandish Projekt just ahead of our show this Friday 6thMay 2011 at ICE Bangalore. In our interview with JC001 we received info that it was Mayur who was masterminding the sets. So We sat him down and asked him about the show.


“Be prepared to expect the unexpected!” he tells us with a mysterious sparkle in his eyes. “I have collaborated with Shri before during my UK tour in 2010 as part of Bobby Friction presents.” This time though with Hennessy Artistry it’ll be 3 different disciplines of Artists. Its great to be sharing the same stage with them.I’ve been looking forward to this event for a while, I have followed Shri and JC since a young age.” Besides , he tells us “it’s always a pleasure collaborating with such a talented artist. Make sure you don’t miss this one!”


Pressed for time now we signal the HA intern to stand guard at the door while we detain Mayur a little longer. For our fans, we ask him his plans for the show on Friday. “Listen out for some live Indian classical Tabla beats mixed in with some deep Glich Hop basslines! There is a lot of new Bandish Projekt Material I have been saving for the Hennessy Bangalore event!” We smile our evil little HA smiles, thrilled at how things are shaping up for the show this week.


There is a hoot at the door and that’s our signal. Mayur is gone in a flash! Before he leaves though he pops his head around the corner “Check out my latest video release Brown Skin Beauty on my own label Bheja Fry Records” Our own HA super sleuths tell us that the Bandish Projekt is working on various collaboration projects in UK and Switzerland in 2011. Also that Mayur has just finished working on new tracks with Monica Dogra from Shaair and Func (releasing soon!)

Just as we think we’re done for the day , our super secret Hennessy Artistry line starts buzzing. It’s the HA intern who chased after Mayur. “Check out the ‘Liquid Stranger Remix’ released on Generation Bass presents transnational dubstep compialitaion by dj Umb on Six Degrees Records US.” Also, he tells us, “Bandish Projekt published a 30mins set early this year with all the juicy, bass heavy tunes of 2010 and genres of dance music around the world including, Bandish Projekt Mashups of Fidget house, elektro,breaks, dubstep and drum n bass.”

Looking forward to Friday, 6th May 2011. At ICE Bangalore with Shri//JC-001//Bandish Projekt