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Suman Sridhar- The Interview

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This Saturday 9th April 2011 Hennessy Artistry brings together the pioneers of dubstep , bass and drums in India Dj Uri and Kris Correya from the BBC. Add to their genius the sultry vocals of singer/songwriter Suman Sridhar and you have yourself a show! It’s a one of a kind performance at the i-Bar , Park Bangalore. Only 4 days to the show now but we finally got hold of the elusive Suman Sridhar for our Hennnesy Artistry exclusive interview. Whew!

Suman Sridhar on Partnering with DJ Uri

Suman and Dj Uri have worked together on collaborations before. It may seem like an unusual pairing, but DJ Uri knows it’s going to be a legendary show. We asked Suman about working with Uri- “Psychedelic and sexy!” she said with a smile. “Expect dancehall reggae beats mashed up with vocal acrobatics and old-school hip hop. Sketches of vocal jazz and noise with the grinding bass-line of Uri’s funk.” So who led Suman down the path of dubstep , bass & drum? “DJ Uri!”

Crowd Favourites

When performing for a LIVE audience we asked Suman what her favourite number sounded like.”I have a breakup song called Single & Preying that usually gets both the girls and dudes. The chorus goes like this: ‘ I’m single, single and preying on any dame and bloke passing by to lay in.’ She seems suitably amused with the lyrics.

Summer 2011

Suman tells us she has plans for a summer tour. Visiting places and shows abroad soon. Though she’s like a little girl with a secret when we press for detail so we move on to our next question. Something that many of us from the Hennessy Artistry team have been plagued with recently- any plans for a summer holiday? “The Sunderbans sounds cool.”

Theater & Opera Noir

Opera Noir is Sridhar/Thayil’s sister project. Suman has appeared on stage in musicals in New York . More recently the duo performed at the Prithvi Festival in Mumbai. She’s always been passionate about the stage. We asked her about her latest projects.”Theatre is for sluts- the only truly multidisciplinary art form. Performance meets text, sound, concept, the visual and sensory.” You have see it to believe it!

[Image courtsey: Shiv Ahuja]



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