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Suman Sridhar- Influences

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It came as no surprise that Suman credits her parents as the artists that influenced her sensibilities in music growing up. It was the Sridhar’s love for classical carnatic music that stirred in their daughter a love for singing that has now become a lifelong passion. As she went on to study Western Classical music at Rutger University, New Jersey Suman admits to have found inspiration from nearly everything around her. “I draw from any music, not by genre, but by anything. Hell, it doesn’t even have to be music!”

Suman counts legendary jazz saxaphonist Sidney Bechet, Austrian/American composer Arnold Schoenberg, actress and cabaret star- the superbly sublime Eartha Kitt, and edgy Mike Patton amongst her influences. Though she dislikes being staid or predictable in her taste in music and loves to shake things up everynow and then. Ask her if she has tracks that always find their way onto her playlist “Thankfully, no!” she tells us with an incredulous, perish the thought look on her face.After a beat though she does go on. “I like the growing movement of acoustic musicians around me, in India and around the world.”

With Suman’s vocals playing off bass addicts DJ Uri and Kris Correya,  Hennessy Artistry promises Bangalore a truly unique jam session this Saturday 9th April 2011 at i-Bar, the Park Bangalore. Doors open at 8pm!