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Visual Acrobatics- Aqua Bangalore 9th April 2011

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The show at AQUA in Bangalore this April 2011 was a surreal panorama of poolside visual acrobatic projections. In addition to the classic projection styles, Hennessy Artistry was proud to be one of the firsts in India to use kinect technology  in the mix.  Using our 3D mapping technology we were able to project every move of master turntablist DJ Uri across all 4 screens . HA fans poolside had a firsthand experience of a newage Disco era as their swaying sihouttes mirrored their every move across the screens. For fans that did make it out to Aqua on 9th April remeber the colour of your silhoutte (depends on your distance from the sensors.) Spot your moves in this video!

Ensuring that all 6 projectors worked in perfect synch was the video jockey of the hour- Dooj Ramchandani. We here at Hennessy Artistry love bringing in new technology, art and artists to the mix and were thrilled with the show in Bangalore this month. If you’d like to be part of our next spectacular show stay tuned.


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