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DJ Uri- Influences

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In conversation with Dj Uri we got to talking about his favourite artists, the music he listens to and influences he’s most thankful for. “Funk, Soul and Old skool Hip Hop is where I take influence from the most.”

“Listening to Drum n Bass, UK Grime and Dub Reggae gave me a natural progression to dubstep, all these genres were influential to the start of dubstep, artists like Mala, Plastic Man and Joker have been pushing the scene for me.” Ask him about the artists that influenced his formative year and he talks about “James Brown, Public Enemy, Run DMC, DJ Q-Bert.” Mandatory listening all he assures us. Then again there are always the all time favourites. The tracks that always find their way onto his player . “BASSNECTAR – Wildstyle Method & Basshead. Check them out if you like BASS!!!”

Though if you know anything about DJ Uri it’s his belief in new artists.So we asked him to list some of his favourite new artists for us. He has a lot of faith in his students he says with a smile. Outside of them he thinks “Opiuo & Subvert are pushing the limits of music production.”