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Kris Correya//Bay Beat Collective(BBC)- The Profile



Voted # 1 Drum N Bass / Dubstep DJ for 2009 – 2010,the Bay Beat Collective (BBC) started out with the intention of bringing Berlin’s underground music to Mumbai’s night clubs. BBC explores new aural territory, dabbling in styles ranging from breaks to drum n bass glitch hop to dubstep, dark to funky and tech, with a partiality to "phat" bass lines and high voltage grooves that are infectious,delicious and supremely funky.These styles have been a huge part of Europe’s underground scene for some years now. Even if you aren’t familiar with these styles yet, you needn’t worry. The BBC believes that people are more familiar with niche forms of electronica than they realise.Hip Hop for example has it’s roots in breakbeat and drum n’ bass. Though the BBC’s style has richer bass lines , slower beats and a darker vibe.

Kris Correya Kris is one of the most experienced artists of the collective.At 36 he has over a decade of experience to his credit. His association with the underground scene in India goes way back to the mid-1990s. A time when electronica was limited to dingy hotels on the outskirts of the city.Today Kris enjoys the position of longtime resident DJ at Zenzi in Mumbai. A club that has been at the forefront of experimental and underground music in India. Apart from the BBC Kris is also part of the collective Mosquito Masala with DJ Uri and other artists. He’s even played the opening slot for Drums n Bass pioneers in the UK- London Electricity. Sohail Arora Arora started as the lead singer of the nu metal band 'Skincold' . Though it was his job at Blue Frog in Mumbai that was the real turning point . He found himself spending a lot of his freetime at Zenzi where Kris Correya was the resident DJ. An introduction to a new style of music led to him taking an interest in the console during rehearsals. He credits Kris for introducing and training him .Today along with the BBC, Sohail is the founder of KRUNK, the alternative booking agency. More recently he started the Bass Camp festival in Mumbai. The March edition saw Kris Correya playing with Mathew Jonson of the Cobblestone Jazz. (More on this later) Raffael Kably Finally the youngest and dreadlockiest of them all is Raffael Kably.At 16 Kably played at Zenzi while the staff prepped for the evenings. His father, a partner at the club, encouraged him and let him work on his skills for the next two years. Now in his early twenties Raffael has 4 years of experience behind him.In 2009 he spent a year in Singapore completing a diploma in sound engineering at the School of Audio Engineering. Kably is the only member of the collective who composes his own music.

Some of the best BBC shows are a combination of high end and accessible musical generators.Time coded vinyls, laptops, midi controllers, projectors (even i-Phones on occasion) and their prized bass bins for that extra 'power'!  It is this range and ease of acceptability that has seen them through successful tours all across India for the last three years. The BBC has opened for and toured with the legendary LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad in India .In 2010 the BBC completed their first summer tour of Europe. DJs Kris Correya, Sohail Arora and Raffael Kably form the Bay Beat Collective (BBC) with a mutual love of experimental sound.Adding a third dimension to the unique sounds of the BBC is their prized visual Jockey Dooj Ramchandani with his innovative and crazy visuals. It is often said that the Bay beat collective has injected fun into a scene once close to mutating into an increasingly austere and po-faced arena.

Check back for our exclusive interview with Kris Correya where we talk about the new BBC release, tours planned for 2011, his favourite new artists and much more. Kris Correya along with DJ Uri and Suman Sridhar will be performing at the Park Bangalore this Saturday- 9th April 2011