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Mathew Jonson- The Interview



On their recent tour of Australia

Just a week away from our show in Bangalore and we were thrilled at the chance to sit down with Mathew Jonson and chat about Cobblestone Jazz- the music, their idols and return to India. Fresh of their first tour of Australia, Mathew Jonson seemed pleased. “It was pretty crazy”, he admits. “A proper rock and roll tour! We did all 4 shows in a row and I was doubling up on 2 days with solo shows”, he tells us animatedly. Their time in Australia was spent shuttling between the festival in Sydney and the Rainbow Serpent Festival in Melbourne. “We had fun at all the shows but I think just being up at the Rainbow Serpent was probably the highlight as you would imagine by looking at the pictures.” Then he proceeded to show us exactly what he meant with pictures from the shows.

Asia & coming back to India

“It’s a close knit scene of people” he told us of the techno and dance music scene in Asia. “They really know their music and are into fashion as well! Its a great place to play and seems like a lot of people are connected personally rather than being a bit cold and overrun by tourists like so many other club scenes.” The show with Hennessy Artistry this year seems like their inevitable return to India. They’ve done shows in 2009 and 2008 in Mumbai before. “The shows that Bhavishyavani Future Sounds do are the best in India in my opinion.  The people that come out are all really friendly and it makes for a great party! The audiences here have always been amazing.  More like playing for friends in a house party almost from the feel of it.  It’s really close and easy to feel a connection.” We ask him about their 2006 track India in me. “ I guess there was some premonition in coming here as it feels like home to me in so many ways and I have hardly spent much time inside the country!”

The new album

Over summer last year Cobblestone Jazz released their latest album ‘The Deep Left Quartet’. This is their first album since the fourth and newest member Colin de la Plante (aka the Mole) joined the studio line-up. “I think Sun Child is my favourite track on there.  It creates a really nice space.  The album was done over a 2 week period in Berlin and was the first album that was done with our new member in the studio – The Mole (from MDLQ). This of course brought a lot of hair into the mix and I think the album sounds warmer because of it!”  Any plans for future albums? “We are going to do some writing in Goa while we are here so that might be the finishing touches on our next album from MDLQ.”

Finally we asked Mathew how he’d introduce a new generation of Indians to the dance/house and techno breed of artists. Where do you start? Who should we be listening to? “Squarepusher, Moody Mann (Kenny Dixon Jr.), Ricardo Villalobos, and Alexander Marcus’- "Papaya" are all must listens.” He says with sage like wisdom as we furiously jot down all the names. He went on to talk about the music that influenced him growing up, new artists that excite him and his top five favourite tracks for his player. It led to a very lengthy conversation. In the end we had so much we wanted to share that we decided to create a new feature under ‘DISCOVERY’ on the music that influences Cobblestone Jazz and Mathew Jonson. We will end this article on words from the wise man himself.  If you’re a mixer, an artist just starting out and wondering what Mathew wished he knew when he was young, then here it is – “Your liver is not indestructible!”  So remember to drink responsibly when you join us- the Hennessy Artistry team at the Skyye Bar this Friday- 25th Feb 2011.